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5 Ways Top Tier Talent Will Leave A Lasting Impression At Your Next Event

  • By Noah Schwartz
  •  Jan 23, 2020

5 Ways Top Tier Talent Will Leave A Lasting Impression At Your Next Event 

From university commencement ceremonies to the Golden Globes, there is a reason why event planners seek out memorable hosts and speakers. While catering and dinner conversations are easily forgotten, great speakers can leave an impact that lasts for months, if not years.

Here are 5 ways great talent will leave a lasting impression at your next event:

Add Credibility to Your Mission

While you may be an expert on your company’s mission and goals, even the most motivated audiences can benefit from hearing from great talent. Great speakers are experts in their fields and carry life experiences that can captivate and motivate audiences. Rather than repeating the same information at your next event, talent can tell compelling stories that illustrate your mission in a more compelling way. 

Great stories are one of the best ways to illustrate and engage a certain topic. By hiring great talent for your event, you can add credibility to your mission by leveraging talent’s unique knowledge and experience. Your employees or customers will leave more motivated, productive, and passionate about your mission. A great speaker is the best investment you can make in adding credibility to what you do. 

Provide a New Perspective

While you know your audience, your audience may know you too well. Great talent can provide a new perspective on a topic and present ideas in different and exciting ways. While audiences tend to tune out information when it comes from sources that are too familiar, great speakers inspire audiences and motivate them to see things differently. 

While most college students won’t remember what their professors said to them on the last day of class, many still remember who their commencement speaker was and what they said at their graduation ceremony. In business and in life, we are often too close to situations to see them clearly. Great talent can provide the perspective that you need to leave a lasting impression at your next event. This new perspective only enhances the message you are trying to get  across by providing it in a new, entertaining way. 

Facilitate Meaningful Fan Interaction

Anyone who has ever been a fan knows how exciting it is to have the opportunity to interact with talent. When you hire a great speaker for your event, you are giving your audience much more than a great keynote speech. From sports to music to business, Engage helps facilitate meaningful interactions between talent and their fans.  Most talent are excited and willing to engage with fans and stick around after events for Q&A sessions and Meet & Greets. This exclusive fan interaction will make your event even more memorable as fans will get to ask their burning questions and develop a more personal relationship with talent. Happy employees and clients are the best type of clients and customers, and booking great talent is a way of showing you care about them. The Engage team can ensure that you book talent that is fun and will really interact with and make an impact on your audience. 

Captivate Audiences with Unforgettable Experiences

One of the best perks of hiring great talent is that you have the opportunity to incorporate fun activities and unforgettable experiences into your event. While great keynote speeches inspire and motivate audiences, experiences allow audience members to get involved and put ideas into action. 

From playing video games with a world-class athlete to cooking meals with your favorite celebrity chef, experiences provide the opportunity to intersect multiple industries and interests. Engage has facilitated several successful experiences, including “Flock with TO,” where participants rode around Los Angeles on Bird Scooters with legendary NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens. Talent is often very receptive to these types of experiences as they can explore their interests while getting to know their audience. Engage is the only platform on the market that allows you to book talent for anything you can imagine. 

Leverage Talents’ Following on Social Media

Most talent today have their own followings and are fairly active on social media. By hiring great talent for your event, you will be able to leverage talent’s existing following on social media to promote your event. When booking through Engage, talent is provided with parameters and guidelines on the optimal time and amount to post to maximize event awareness at no additional charge. 

Hiring talent can increase your digital awareness by allowing you to leverage talent’s existing audience. We believe that hiring talent should foster a mutually beneficial relationship between talent and the client. This is why Engage works to find synergies and capture them through unique events and digital marketing.