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Can You Trust Booking Platforms After FYRE Failure?

  • By Emma
  •  Jan 24, 2019

If you are shell shocked after watching the most recent Netflix documentary, FYRE, you are not alone. The mass failure of the FYRE Festival and Celebrity Booking App serves as an example of the perils of social media marketing and the illusory world of ideas that young entrepreneurs are leaning into. It is a warning to us consumers to be careful where we invest our money.

The booking app may have been the saving grace of FYRE if it weren’t for the array of illegal activity that led to the company’s demise. The app was an attempt to revolutionize an outdated celebrity booking process. But it isn’t the only of its kind. More and more online booking platforms and speaker’s bureaus are popping up.

Despite FYRE’s failure, Booking platforms are a great way for consumers to reach talent. Whether it is for a corporate event, a fundraising Gala, convention, bar mitzvah, or even a yacht party in the Bahamas (too soon?), having a celebrity or sports star guest can enhance an event.

In order to navigate the overwhelming amount of websites and apps for booking talent and to know which sources to trust, follow these simple guidelines:

Ask Questions:

This seems so basic it’s silly, but if FYRE teaches us anything, it is to do the research beforehand. Billy McFarland got away with what he did because no one was asking questions; People blindly believed in his ideas because he was charming and enthusiastic.

So here are some questions to consider:

What companies have booked through the site? Were the bookings successful? What types of events are they promoting?

Having a proactive and attentive mindset when researching booking platforms is vital.

Know the Company:

Look at the company’s values and mission statement. What is their purpose? Who are they trying to connect their audiences with? Who are the owners?

Even if you aren’t directly communicating with the company’s owners and executives, researching who they are can give you insight into what type of company it is and how legitimate their base is. Always be aware of who you are conducting business with.

Evaluate the Type of Talent:

Who is the company advertising? What is the common thread? Try to stay away from platforms that merely advertise celebrities for the sake of celebrities. Fame and fortune are alluring, but often these types of celebrities are overpriced and the process is over-complicated. FYRE didn’t care about their consumers or what the message was, they wanted to take advantage of as many people as possible for their own profit.

Luckily, genuine platforms, such as Engage, exist to connect consumers with talent that inspire and carry a meaningful message that will resonate with an audience.

In Conclusion

The answer is yes, you CAN trust booking platforms even if you may be scarred from FYRE. Not all Booking Platforms are created equal, just be conscious of what and who you're buying into.