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Coronavirus: its Impact on the Events Industry and How Engage Can Help

  • By Noah Schwartz
  •  Mar 19, 2020

Coronavirus: its Impact on the Events Industry and How Engage Can Help


As the United States and the world brace for the effects of Coronavirus, the events industry has been hit especially hard. As the CDC has recommended organizations cancel or postpone events over 50 people indefinitely, the essence of American social life has been quickly and drastically altered. As professional sports were shut down and iconic events such as Coachella and the Met Gala were postponed, the Coronavirus crisis has impacted American society on virtually every level. 


While publications such as Billboard and The NY Times have published extensive lists of major events that have been cancelled or postponed, millions of smaller events have also been affected by the crisis. From company sales meetings, to industry conferences, to school and church gatherings, just about every in person event has been canceled.


While this is a time of extreme uncertainty for the events industry, we at Engage believe that the events industry will bounce back stronger than ever before. When the virus passes, companies will come out if it with more of a need than ever for motivation and morale boosters. As talent around the country have found new and creative ways to connect with their audiences, Engage is prepared to help talent and clients find new and exciting ways to interact with audiences in these difficult times. 



Below are the ways Engage can help talent and clients overcome obstacles related to the Coronavirus:


1. Give Talent the Tools to Host Events Virtually


While in-person events will be indefinitely postponed or cancelled into the foreseeable future, online tools and social media give talent and organizations the opportunity to host events virtually. As dozens of celebrities have been live-streaming concerts and virtual meetings, this time of lockdowns and quarantines provides an opportunity for talent to expand their virtual presence. As a technologically-enabled digital platform, Engage has the tools and knowledge to help talent to host events and pop-ups virtually. As audiences will increasingly need content and entertainment while they are locked inside, Engage will strive to connect audiences with exciting virtual events. Whether it is arranging virtual speeches via zoom, or running unique sweepstakes for video calls, there are a lot of ways Engage can help serve talent and their fans in these trying times.



2.          Help Talent Grow their Audiences During the Event Lockdown


While the events industry undoubtedly faces extreme challenges due to the Coronavirus outbreak, this is also a great time for talent to grow their audiences and connect with fans. As millions of people in the U.S. and around the world must practice social distancing and remain at home, people now have more free time to find and interact with new talent. As people will be more active on social media and the Internet, this crisis presents a unique opportunity to capture new audiences with engaging digital content. The Engage team is able to help talent put together social media posts and provide guidance on strategies. On top of that, Engage also has its own podcast and is working on launching a mini video series that will allow talent even more of an opportunity to tell their story and easily get their message out.



3.          Provide Resources to Help Overcome Cancellations and Pushbacks


While events will inevitably be cancelled and postponed in the coming months, the Engage team has resources and tools to help talent overcome complications and obstacles. As many contracts and payments will need to be re-issued and re-negotiated, the Engage team is ready to help both clients and talent find new agreements that benefit both parties. Whether it is issuing refunds or providing credits, Engage makes the process easy for talent and consumer. Engage prides itself on helping make sure that there are no headaches for talent or consumer during this already difficult time. While the Coronavirus presents unique obstacles, we are confident that Engage can help talent and clients convert their current partnerships into future success. 



We know that this is a difficult time for people across the U.S. and the world. From hourly restaurant workers to athletes to small business owners, our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by these extraordinary circumstances. Engage was founded with the goal of connecting people with transformative experiences. While recent events have posed a difficult set of challenges, we will continue to help our talent curate unique experiences with their audiences. 


To explore our talent and to learn more about how we can help talent overcome the Coronavirus crisis, visit the Engage website