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Feel-Good Stories to Get You Through the Week

  • By Noah Schwartz
  •  Apr 17, 2020

Feel-Good Stories to Get You Through the Week

With all that’s going on in the world right now, we could all use some feel-good stories that take our minds off of the current situation. If you want a break from the current news cycle and seeing people post Tik-Tok dances on Instagram, read the inspiring and refreshing stories below.

Celebrities Participate in the “All-In Challenge” for COVID-19 Relief

As everyone is stuck at home as we try to curb the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, celebrities have been finding creative ways to support coronavirus relief efforts. Launched by Philadelphia 76ers partner Michael Rubin, the “All-In Challenge” asks artists, athletes, and celebrities to donate “once-in-a-lifetime” fan experiences and raise money to feed those in need. This past week, celebrities including Justin Bieber, Meek Mill, and Leonardo DiCaprio have joined in on the “All-In Challenge,” which aims to aid those who suffer from food insecurity due to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. From acting roles in movies starring Kevin Hart or Robert de Niro to a Texas football experience with Matthew McConaughey, people can enter to win experiences for as low as $10. All profits raised in the All-In Challenge go to Meals on Wheels, No Kid Hungry, and America’s Food Fund, which directly benefit Feed America and World Central Kitchen.

To join in on the challenge and to learn more, check out the challenge’s website and celebrities’ social media pages. 

99-Year Old Veteran Raises $16 Million for Charity by Walking Laps in His Garden

99-year-old British WWII veteran Tom Moore has raised over £16 million ($20 million) for the UK’s National Health Service by walking 10 laps a day in his garden. While Moore originally set out a target of walking 100 laps to raise £1,000 ($1,257) by his 100th birthday, he quickly surpassed that goal to the surprise of himself and his family. All funds donated to the fundraiser will benefit UK hospitals, medical staff, volunteers, and patients affected by the coronavirus crisis. 

With his 100th birthday coming up on April 30, Moore walks laps around his garden with his walker. While he never expected his fundraiser to garner the response that it did, his campaign has now received donations from more than 700,000 people across the world. After serving in WWII and rising to captain in his service in India and Myanmar, Tom Moore is a hero once again. 

"You've all got to remember that we will get through it in the end, it will all be right," he said. “For all those people finding it difficult at the moment, the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away.” - Tom Moore

The Office Actor John Krasinski Hosts “Some Good News” Talk Show on YouTube

In his home office in front of a make-shift sign made by his children, John Krasinski is hosting a weekly show on YouTube called “Some Good News” in which he highlights positive news and inspiring stories from around the world. With new videos every Sunday night during his self-isolation at home, Krasinski has interviewed The Office co-star Steve Carrell and a Hamilton Broadway original cast performance on Zoom. Last week, Krasinski dressed up in a tux on TikTok to invite high school students to join him in a virtual prom on Friday. In his post, Krasinski wrote That’s right class of 2020 I’m DJing your prom with some friends this Friday night 8EST/5PST!! Click the link in bio for invitation! See you then!” 

As many find it hard to escape the constant cycle of less-than-uplifting information in the news, Krasinski’s show offers a nice distraction and comedic relief. 

The Environment is Getting a Much-Needed Break During the Current Lockdown

From crystal-clear skies in Los Angeles to the Himalayas being visible in India for the first time in decades, many have noticed the astounding effects of the current push for social distancing on the environment. As the coronavirus crisis continues to create stress and strain in the economy and the healthcare industry, the environment is showing some signs of healing. 

In the 16 days since India announced a mandatory lockdown, people in the country’s northern state of Punjab are reacting in awe to the Himalayan mountain range becoming visible for the first time in over 30 years. As industries shut down, cars came off the roads, and airlines cancelled flights, the country’s air pollution levels have plummeted to their lowest levels in recent years. As life has slowed down and we are forced to think about what really matters, this is an important time for the world to pause and heal. 

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