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Happy New Year: Motivational Speakers for New Year’s Resolution Inspiration

  • By Noah Schwartz
  •  Jan 06, 2022

2022 is finally here! It is January, and we all know that means that it is the time of New Year's Resolutions. Whatever your event may be, and no matter what the hopes and dreams of your audience members are, Engage has the perfect speaker to get through to your audience and help them start the year off on the right foot. Take a look at 5 Motivational Speakers on Engage that are guaranteed to reach your audience at your next event:

5. Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis is a former NFL superstar and a football media personality. In college, Lewis stayed in his home state of Florida and attended the University of Miami, where he earned All-American honors twice. Lewis was selected in the first round of the 1996 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens, and he remained a Raven for the entirety of his 17-year NFL career. Lewis still has the most combined and solo tackles in a single season in NFL history, and for his many accolades, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018. After his time as a player, Lewis successfully transitioned into a broadcasting career, starting out at ESPN and making his way to FOX, where he is currently an analyst. Lewis has dedicated his life to using his success to make an impact on his community, and it is this electric spirit and determination that is sure to inspire all who are in attendance at your next event.

4. J.R. Martinez

J.R. Martinez is a burn survivor, Army Veteran, actor, New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker and advocate. Martinez joined the army after high school, and while on his first deployment to Iraq, the humvee he was driving hit a roadside bomb. Martinez was trapped inside the vehicle which caused severe burns to occur on 34 percent of his body. Since this injury, Martinez has undergone 34 different surgeries on his path to recovery. After this trauma, Martinez has traveled the world to share his story and his message. Martinez believes that change is not bad if you are willing to adapt, and that it is each individual's ability to adapt and overcome that determines their life path. His podcast, Rebirth with J.R. Martinez is filled with motivation for fresh starts and life changes, and Martinez is ready to share these important words with any audience.

3. Rochelle Gapare

Rochelle Gapare is an attorney, author, happiness coach and entrepreneur. Her bestselling book, “One Happy Thought at a Time: 30 Days to a Happier You,” is filled with tips and tricks to unlock happiness in your own life through empowering others. Using the analytical reasoning that is characteristic of her career in the law, much of the advice in the book is based in science and well-researched techniques that have been proven to give results. In 2018, Gapare earned a Positive Psychology Specialization Certification through the University of Pennsylvania, adding to her expertise in the wellness space. Anyone who has met Gapare knows she is filled with a zest for life and enough charisma to entertain anyone who listens to her, meaning there will not be anyone at your event who is not entertained.

2. Jeremy Poincenot

Jeremy Poincenot is blind golfer, philanthropist, and motivational speaker. Poincenot was just your average college student until his sophomore year, when his perfect 20/20 vision began to blur. Soon enough, Poincenot lost vision in his right eye, and his left eye followed suit because of a rare genetic disorder called Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON) . Less than 100 people in the United States are diagnosed with LHON each year, and there is currently no treatment or cure on the horizon. Poincenot took his very bleak diagnosis and decided that he would test his determination and learn to play his beloved game of golf without his vision. With the support of his family and friends, Poincenot competed in the 2010 World Blind Golf Championship and has gone on to win two more championships since then. Poincenot shares his story with the world as he raises money for LHON research. Poincenot has been the keynote speaker for many large companies, including Aflac, Honda, Kaiser Permanente, and Wells Fargo, and he is ready for the next company to be yours.

1. Coach Rob Mendez

Coach Rob Mendez is the junior varsity football coach at Prospect High School in Saratoga, California. Coach Mendez is not your typical football coach as he was born without arms or legs due to a rare condition called tetra-Amelia syndrome. However, Coach Mendez would not let anything hold him back from his dream of being a football coach and he takes to the sidelines each Friday night in the fall in his motorized wheelchair that he operates with his back and shoulders. Coach Mendez believes that his story can allow him to be a role model to anyone who wants to do something that others don’t believe they will be able to achieve, and he will be sharing this message in his first ever book titled “Who Says I Can’t.” Coach Mendez was the 2019 recipient of the Jimmy V award for Perseverance at the ESPYS and with him as the keynote speaker at your next event, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Should I book a speaker for my event?

In today’s age, our attention span is dwindling. A technological era in which we can get rushes of dopamine to our brain in a couple seconds by scrolling on a variety of social media platforms has created an atmosphere where we quickly become uninterested by something if we are not immediately curious to hear more. In an event, this means being able to grab your audience’s attention immediately and pull them in, wanting to hear more. This is where hiring a speaker for an event comes into play. The speakers that are on Engage’s website are some of the most high-class, interesting stories you will ever hear. Engage has the stories and speakers that will hold your audience captive with interest. 

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