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Hire Your Favorite Sports Star for a Speaking Event

  • By Emma
  •  Jan 10, 2019

Not only are pro-athletes versatile, disciplined, and elegant on the field, but for most of them, they also succeed on the stage. This is why thousands of Sports Stars are invited every year to be keynote speakers at various events. Who wouldn’t love to show up to a corporate conference with All-star Outfielder Johnny Damon headlining? Athletes bring a certain level of prestige and authority to an event that is hard to find elsewhere. They inspire a type of awe within us because we all know that their level of talent and skill is unachievable by most.

Audiences, co-workers, and executives are equally thrilled to hear from their favorite Sports Stars, but it isn’t always easy to acquire the person you want.

So how do you find a Sports Star to speak at your event? And how much does it cost to hire a Sports Star?

These tips will guide you in finding the perfect keynote speaker for your event:

Navigating Price Tags

Big names aren’t cheap. But, there are ways to negotiate a speaking fee and decrease extra expenses along the way. Most Sports Stars will come with a standard speaking fee, but it is not always visible or easy to find. Never discount the power of negotiation because some speakers are willing to personally negotiate with you and reach a price that is agreeable to both parties.

If the “big name” sports stars are out of your price range, consider researching retired sports stars and athletes that have a strong media presence for speaking engagements. You will be surprised to find who is available; there is a keynote speaker for every budget, even when they happen to be all-star athletes.

Before reaching out, or submitting a request, consider the time, season, and place. Be sure to reach out to active athletes during the offseason range and contact their manager for additional information on when they are available because it might be a smaller window of time than you think.

Arranging Transportation & Accommodations

Remember that not all speakers will be local, so some Sports Stars may require a flat fee in order to book their own travel, in which case you won't be in control of the specific itinerary.

But here’s something many event planners underestimate... you can cut costs by managing the travel yourself. This can be negotiated through online Booking Platforms such as Engage. You can message the talent directly on Engage and plan transportation and accommodations together, but ultimately be in control of the logistics.

Engage is an excellent way to organize all your itinerary and travel plans. With the booking phase, expenses, and travel accommodations all organized into one place, it is hard to go wrong.

Branding the Event

When asking the celebrity to represent your brand, you must be aware of celebrity endorsements. Depending on the different brands representing your speaker, they may have to refrain from representing your brand in public.

This, of course, is all laid out in the contract set between you and the Speaker. The contract is integral to deciding the terms of service: the how, when, where, and why of Speaking Engagements. For more information on how to negotiate contracts, click here.

Lastly, always remember to be hospitable and accommodating to your guest keynote speaker, whether leaving them with a company gift or treating to drinks after the event!

In Conclusion

Sports Stars are not only impressive but can relate their personal athletic experience to larger life themes that resonate with everyone in the audience. Hiring your favorite Athlete Celebrity is not only possible but a smart and rewarding decision!