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How Engage Can Help College Athletes Find Their Voice

  • By Lauren
  •  Dec 14, 2020

As recent debates surrounding Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) have shed light on the exploitative nature of college sports, there has been an increase in awareness surrounding the lack of autonomy and rights among college athletes.

Despite being a $14 billion industry backed by the talent and hard work of college athletes, athletes do not currently have the autonomy to make significant money off of their “right of publicity." As fans and athletes alike continue to demand more from governing bodies and the NCAA, Engage can help college athletes find their voice and develop their personal brand. 

Jake Olson is the best case study on Engage's ability to help college athletes navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of self-promotion in college sports. Jake became the first fully blind football player in college football history when he successfully long snapped a PAT for the USC Trojans against Western Michigan in 2017. Jake overcame retinoblastoma and lost his eyesight at the age of 12. Despite his many challenges and setbacks in his journey, Jake has used his experience to inspire and motivate others.

Jake began doing keynote speeches and sharing his story long before his career at USC. After he played in his first game in 2017, Jake and his manager, Engage co-founder Daniel Hennes, saw a rapid influx of speaking requests and bookings. This experience made them realize the shortfalls of the talent booking industry as it stood and how it could be improved to benefit college athletes and all other talent. Engage was founded to provide an all-in-one digital booking platform to help talent grow their audiences and promote their personal brands. 

Engage sets itself apart as the premier booking platform for college athletes due to its flexibility, its wide variety of events, and its collaborative and hands-on team. From digital sweepstakes to keynote speeches to pop-up events, Engage offers college athletes a wide range of ways to make money and grow their audiences independently. By doing events outside of the realm of the college sports and the NCAA, athletes can become more financially and personally autonomous. We work with our talent to help them create personalized events that they want to do. Whether it be a virtual video-gaming sweepstakes or a speech surrounding hard work and success in sports, the Engage team works individually with talent to help them find their niche.

While it may take some time for the NCAA to come to terms with the demand for autonomy among college athletes, it is never too early to start building your own personal brand and image. Engage is here to help talent navigate this turning point in college sports and we want all college athletes to feel empowered to promote their own public image.

To learn more about Engage and what it can offer to college athletes, visit the Engage website. To become a part of the Engage roster of all-star talent, fill out this form to get in touch with the Engage team!