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How to Ensure You Book the Right Talent and Have a Successful Event

  • By Noah Schwartz
  •  Dec 09, 2019

How to Ensure You Book the Right Talent and Have a Successful Event 


Engage is a platform that completely digitizes the process of booking talent for a custom experience, but the platform also does so much more. One of the things that is most unique about Engage is how easy we make it for consumers to trust and communicate efficiently with talent when attempting to book them for an experience. You can utilize the Engage team and platform to develop a relationship with the talent of your choice. Once we identify the right talent, we can help walk you through the Engage platform so that you have the smoothest possible experience. As long as your ideal event/experience is communicated clearly, Engage can help make it happen. Let’s take a look at specific ways Engage helps you book the talent you need for your event, and ensure that the process is smooth.  


Engage Builds Trust


Booking talent is all about trust and relationships. The talent needs to trust that you are putting on a good event, and you need to trust that you are communicating with the talent themselves and that they will show up and deliver on what you expect. An Engage team member watches over every request and chat to make sure the proper party is always aware and able to respond. On Engage, you can trust that the talent is seeing your request and messages. Engage ensures this trust goes both ways, as all of our talent needs to know that you, the consumer/booker, will be who you say you are. Engage makes sure to notify talent of all requests that they receive. When Engage facilitates an event, pop-up, appearance or custom experience, we strive to ensure that both parties have the utmost level of trust, confidence and happiness in their event. An Engage team member is available to jump into the chat and help with the process at any point. 


Your Request goes Directly to Talent and their Agents


Many speakers bureaus list talent they do not represent. This means that when you inquire about booking them, the speakers bureau then has to track down the actual agents and get in touch about the details. It is a messy process, and you end up paying more money and waiting a long time to have your questions answered. This lack of direct communication makes it difficult to ensure you are on the same page with talent. We ensure that all listed talent or their agents have a strong personal connection with Engage team members. In fact, we guarantee it. After a booking request is submitted by you, the consumer, the request will be immediately sent to the desired talent’s email account or their agent’s inbox. No middle men are involved, and no up-charges or communication gaps for you. Because of these personal relationships, Engage is better able to curate the experience you need and ensure that your inquiries are responded to in a timely manner. By guaranteeing the consumer that their experience idea will be presented directly to the talent, Engage ensures that the talent and consumer are on the same page for their event. 

The Engage Platform is Easy to Use 

One of the toughest parts about booking talent is going through the actual booking process after identifying the right talent. It is easy for an event to fall apart because it is difficult to clearly communicate logistics such as timing, theme, and payment. Multiple email chains, phone calls, and tracking down checks all make the process of booking talent painful and stressful. The Engage platform makes this difficult process incredibly easy. Your initial request will keep the details such as timing, location, payment split and the theme all in one place on an easy to view form for the talent and yourself. The Engage platform also allows you to chat directly with the talent about your experience, pay the deposit, and make the payment post experience. Instead of having to search through emails to make sure everything was communicated properly, all you have to do is login to your Engage profile to see everything about your event in one place. A process that can involve emails, phone calls, and checks, is now centralized on one easy to use website. Cutting down the time spent on handling logistics allows you to focus on having the best possible event and makes life significantly easier for you and the talent. 


The Engage Team is Here to Help


Engage pledges to make this process easier for both our talent and our customers. We are always available to answer any questions personally and help with everything from picking the right talent to submit the initial request to making sure that the process goes smoothly and you are able to lock in the talent you want for your event. Engage is aware that the booking process can be challenging and we do everything in our power to assist. 


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