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It Is Time for October Baseball: Top 5 Baseball Speakers on Engage

  • By Noah Schwartz
  •  Sep 30, 2021

It is time for October baseball! The time that baseball fans have been waiting for all year, and arguably the absolute best month for America’s pastime. With exciting postseason baseball just days away, this is the perfect time to book a Baseball speaker for your next event, whenever that event may be. On Engage, we have direct relationships with tons of the top baseball talent including Hall of Fame players, World Series winning managers, and legendary broadcasters. Take a look at the Top 5 Baseball Speakers on Engage:

5. Ferguson “Fergie” Jenkins

Ferguson “Fergie” Jenkins is a former MLB Hall of Fame pitcher, inducted in 1991. Hailing from Canada, Jenkins spent his career mostly with the Chicago Cubs, but also pitched for the Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers, and Boston Red Sox. Jenkins’ decorated baseball career included 3 MLB All-Star Teams and a Cy Young Award, making him the first Canadian to win the award. For all of his accomplishments, number 31 has been retired by the Chicago Cubs. Jenkins was not just a baseball phenom, but also spent his off-season from 1967-69 playing basketball for the Harlem Globetrotters. Jenkins has been called one of the greatest pitchers of all time, and he has been witness to some of the greatest moments in baseball history, making him a perfect speaker for your next event.

4. Wade Boggs

Wade Boggs is a former MLB third baseman, and is a first-ballot honoree in the MLB Hall of Fame. Boggs played for the Boston Red Sox for 11 seasons before signing with the New York Yankees, where he won the 1996 World Series. After achieving baseball’s biggest accomplishment in the peak of October baseball, Boggs signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to end his career in his hometown. Since he hung up his cleats, Boggs has spent much of his time working in the nonprofit sector with his wife, as the head of the Wade Boggs Foundation for Youth Athletics. Through the foundation, the goal is to help children of Tampa Bay to get the athletic equipment and facilities they need to be able to participate in sports and to get all of the benefits that that sports can offer them. With all of his experience with postseason baseball, Boggs will be sure to have your audience remembering your event.

3. Edgar Martinez

Edgar Martinez is a former MLB Hall of Fame third baseman. Martinez spent the entirety of his 17-year MLB career with the Seattle Mariners, and his number 11 has been retired by the club. Martinez is a seven-time All-Star, five-time Silver-Slugger, and Roberto Clemente Award Winner. His ties to the Mariners got even stronger when he became the team’s hitting coach from 2015-2018. Martinez grew up in Puerto Rico with his grandparents, where he played professionally before getting signed by the Mariners. Martinez did not have an MLB career without struggles, as he battled strabismus which caused him to lose depth perception in his right eye. Performing hour-long eye exercises everyday allowed Martinez to stay in the game and achieve all he did, up to his induction to the Hall of Fame. After retiring, Martinez turned his efforts to philanthropy, working on the Edgar Martinez Endowment for Muscular Dystrophy Research. With the stories of grit and perseverance, Martinez is sure to leave everyone in your audience inspired.

2. Lou Piniella

Lou Piniella is a former MLB manager and player, who had an iconic career in both capacities.  Piniella won the AL Rookie of the year in 1969 and did not stop there. Piniella spent 16 seasons in the MLB as a player, playing for the Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals, and the New York Yankees, with whom he won two World Series championships. After his days as a player, Piniella served as a manager for the Yankees, Cincinnati Reds, Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and Chicago Cubs. Piniella managed to capture another World Series Championship with the Reds in 1990, and he finished his career ranked 14th all time on the list of managerial wins. Given the nickname “Sweet Lou” for his swing, and as a joke about his fiery personality, Piniella has

enough energy and spunk to go around.

1. Dave Martinez

Dave Martinez is the current manager of the Washington Nationals. Before his career as a coach, Martinez was an MLB outfielder for 15 seasons. Throughout his career, Martinez took quite the tour of the MLB, playing for the Chicago Cubs, Montreal Expos, Cincinnati Reds, San Francisco Giants, Chicago White Sox, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, and Atlanta Braves. After his playing career, Martinez became an MLB coach, coaching for the Rays. He was then offered a job with the Cubs, where he took the team to the 2016 World Series. It wouldn’t be long before Martinez saw the World Series again, as he led the Washington Nationals to the 2019 World Series in just his second season as their manager. Martinez has stories as both a player and a coach that are sure to entertain everyone in attendance.

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