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Negotiating Contracts on Engage

  • By Emma
  •  Dec 13, 2018

Engage is disrupting the booking industry by providing a simple and convenient platform that organizes all phases of the booking process in one place. The most important phase of booking talent for an event is the negotiation of a contract. A contract is a legal agreement between you and the talent outlining the terms of service, and integral to the success of both parties.

Therefore, we have put together a few tips to help you navigate the contract phase when booking a keynote speaker or any kind of talent for an event.

Engage simplifies the process by providing two options for contracts when submitting a request:

1. Sign the contract the Talent has already uploaded:

The contract will appear on the “Experience Request Page.” You will still fill out the date, time, and location of your event. Sometimes, the contract will include pre-arranged payment terms. For example, half of the speaking fee could be due 10 business days after the agreement is executed and the other half due upon completion of the service. There will also be a refund policy outlined in case of a cancellation. Lastly, the terms for travel expenses and invoices will be laid out by the talent. While reviewing the outstanding contract and details of payment, please include any minor alterations you wish to make in the “Message for Talent” comment box. If you prefer to set your own terms with the talent, you have the ability to upload your own contract before you submit the request.

2. Upload your own contract:

If you wish to have the talent agree to other terms, you have an option to upload your own contract. You may modify the agreement according to your preferences, but please make sure to include payment terms, cancellation policy, payment for travel expenses, and any other relevant logistics. Before uploading your contract, reference the “Terms and Conditions” button underneath the experience requests to ensure you are aware of any specific terms the Talent requests. If you don’t have a specific date in mind and wish to organize the event around the talent’s availability, please specify in the comment box. This allows the talent to be as informed as possible when making their decision. The talent may accept or deny the request, or reach out with more questions which will appear in your inbox. Once your request is submitted, the talent can reach out with any questions or concerns through your “messages” section under your profile. If the talent reaches out, you will be able to negotiate the terms. Once the terms are negotiated and the contract is signed, the agreed upon price is locked and no further negotiations are allowed.

If you have further inquiries about how to negotiate a contract on Engage, please contact