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Quantifying Keynote Speakers: The Secret to High ROI’s

  • By Emma
  •  Mar 07, 2019

 When planning any type of event- conference, banquet, corporate meeting, ect.- your decision should always be numbers driven: the goal is a high ROI.

Organizing the logistics of the event, such as event location, marketing, and catering, the prices are usually pre-determined and you know what to expect. Typically, you get what you pay for. Yet this isn’t always the case with Event Speakers. The cost of entertainment and keynote speakers will most likely be your largest investment. Celebrity or sports star speakers can range from $5k to $50k depending on the person. But how do you know the investment is worth it? You might be wondering, is it even possible to calculate an event speaker’s ROI?

The answer is yes, you can. But plugging data into complex formulas and calculating productivity loss ultimately contributes to that loss. You can gauge the ROI of a keynote speaker by much simpler and productive means.

We have a few industry tricks, as well as warning signs, for organizing talent for an event. To ensure a high ROI for a keynote speaker, follow these steps:

First, to decrease productivity loss, use the right booking website. Spending too much time trying to contact talent will slow down the booking process and make planning the details of the event difficult. When deciding what booking website to use, consider talent accessibility: if the speaker’s page leads you to a ‘general contact page’ this will enter you into a black hole of speaker requests for every speaker on the site.

In addition, a third party representative from the site will be the stand-in contact for the talent, making negotiations and personal requests messy and difficult.

To optimize your time (and therefore your money), use booking platforms like Engage, which allow you to contact the Speaker directly by submitting a request on their page. This way, you can negotiate and sign the contract all in one place. Engage’s direct booking process allows you to bypass third-party moderators.