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Speakers for October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  • By Noah Schwartz
  •  Oct 19, 2021

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so it is the perfect time to book a speaker who will help you to raise awareness and tell the story of those strong survivors who have turned their diagnosis into something incredible. On Engage, we have just the right speaker for your next event, so take a browse through some of our top picks for October speakers:

5. Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly is the head football coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and is a former coach at Cincinnati, Grand Valley State, and Central Michigan. During his time at Notre Dame, Kelly has taken his team to the College Football Playoff twice, in both 2019 and 2021, and has won coach of the year on multiple occasions. Currently, he is the winningest active coach in collegiate football, and fourteen of his last fifteen teams have finished the year with a winning record. Kelly’s wife Paqui is a two-time breast cancer survivor, so when he is off of the field, Kelly is active in the fight against cancer. He and his wife are donors to the University of Notre Dame and the Indiana University School of Medicine-South Bend, in their efforts to advance clinical research in the field of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. Kelly’s foundation, the Kelly Cares Foundation, has donated nearly $5.8 million dollars to cancer research and other important causes, and spearheaded the creation of the Paqui and Brian Kelly Comprehensive Breast Center. Paqui’s Playbook, another initiative of the foundation, is an October series of events focusing on breast cancer research and patient advocacy. Through his efforts on the field in his coaching capacity and his efforts on the field to battle breast cancer, Kelly has inspirational stories that are sure to stick with your audience members always.

4. Victoria Cramer

Victoria Cramer is a two-time breast cancer survivor, and despite the struggles she has been through, she is currently a competitive endurance mountain biker. Cramer tells her inspirational story in her book, “Living Life Loudly: How You Will Face Your Speed Bump,” and this story can be shared with your audience at your event. Cramer’s keynote will allow your audience to learn about unlocking their “warrior mindset,” and Cramer's genuine interest in people and her belief in their power to grow will be felt by everyone in attendance. Those around Cramer described her battle with cancer as if it was just a minor hiccup in her life, and it is her warrior mindset that got her through it all. Cramer’s personality is described as humorous yet practical, helping her to get through to any member of your audience.

3. Jake Olson

Jake Olson is the first completely blind football player in the history of college football. In 2017, Olson successfully long snapped a PAT for the USC Trojans against Western Michigan, and went on to be named the PAC-12 special teams player of the week. Olson went on to snap two more times, and his inspiration story has been featured on ESPN, ABC, NBC, and others. After graduation, Olson co-founded Engage, allowing anyone and everyone to find their perfect speaker for their next event. Olson battled with cancer throughout his childhood, being diagnosed with retinoblastoma at the age of 8 months old. When he was 10 months old, the disease claimed his left eye, and at the age of 12, Jake lost his second eye and became completely blind. Through his faith in God and the support of his family, Jake has turned his battle with cancer into a blessing, and has spent his life doing all he can to bless and inspire those around him. Olson is the author of two books and the creator of a non-profit foundation that supports visually impaired children and those battling cancer. Olson is nothing if not entertaining, so while sharing his stories of perseverance, he will be sure to have your audience laughing the whole way.

2. Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller is one of the most decorated Olympic gymnasts in United States history and is the only female athlete to be inducted into the US Olympic Hall of Fame twice. Miller is one of the “Magnificent Seven,” who were the first ever US Women’s team to win a gold, and she was also the first American gymnast to win gold on the balance beam. After her gymnastics career, Miller went on to get undergraduate degrees in marketing and entrepreneurship from the University of Houston and her law degree from Boston College. Her education led her to start a company in 2010 that is dedicated to helping women make health a priority and her speaking engagements aim to teach women the Gold Medal Mindset, which is all about goal setting, a positive mindset, and resiliency. Shortly after launching her business, Miller was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer. Remaining very open about her struggles throughout her aggressive chemotherapy regimen, Miller sought to make as many people aware of the importance of early detection and research. Miller won her battle with cancer, so she now does all she can to be an advocate for patients and survivors. With her Gold Medal Mindset and her own personal stories of resilience through her hard fought battle, Miller will be an unforgettable speaker for your next event. 

1. Shelley Smith

Shelley Smith is a five-time Emmy-winning reporter for ESPN, and she is known for incredible long form features and investigative stories. Smith spent the beginning of her career at Sports Illustrated, and is the author of three books, two of them co-authored by ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johson and Arizona State University head football coach Herm Edwards. Smith is a three-time cancer survivor, and the story of her battle is told in the short ESPN documentary “Triumphant.” In her years since becoming cancer free, Smith has told her story in order to advocate for self examinations, regular mammograms, and regular ultrasounds. She has partnered with the National Breast Cancer Society to give grants for women who need assistance in taking time off in order to get checked for breast cancer. Anyone who has spent time with Smith knows that her veracity and her drive will rub off on anyone who hears her story, so be sure to consider booking Smith for your next event.

Should I book a speaker for my event?

In today’s age, our attention span is dwindling. A technological era in which we can get rushes of dopamine to our brain in a couple seconds by scrolling on a variety of social media platforms has created an atmosphere where we quickly become uninterested by something if we are not immediately curious to hear more. In an event, this means being able to grab your audience’s attention immediately and pull them in, wanting to hear more. This is where hiring a speaker for an event comes into play. The speakers that are on Engage’s website are some of the most high-class, interesting stories you will ever hear. Engage has the stories and speakers that will hold your audience captive with interest. 

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