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When Life Goes Back to Normal, Will We Still Have Virtual Events?

  • By Lauren
  •  Dec 18, 2020

As most of us have been living and working remotely for the past nine months, we are all familiar with the pros and cons of working and living remotely. From Zoom meetings to virtual events, we have learned the power of technology to connect us in unprecedented times. 

As companies such as Twitter and MasterCard have announced plans to let employees work from home indefinitely (and maybe permanently), we have seen the surprising productivity and time savings brought by remote work. While some employees celebrate the increased freedom and the break from long commutes, many point out the loss of collaboration and the difficulties remote work poses for working parents. 

As many of us have gotten comfortable in this remote setting as the COVID-19 pandemic has raged on, it begs the question: will we really go back to how things were before?

While we all want to get back to concerts, traveling, and large-scale events, many of us will also miss the comfort and increased work-life balance brought on by remote work. With this new dichotomy, employers may have a harder time requiring employees to be physically in the office 100% of the time once the pandemic passes. 

In a new analysis on What’s Next for Remote Work by McKinsey, experts concluded that "Hybrid models of remote work are likely to persist in the wake of the pandemic," mainly for a highly educated and well-paid sector of the workforce. We will likely see this new hybrid model implemented across industries and sectors, as "the virus has broken through cultural and technological barriers that prevented remote work in the past, setting in motion a structural shift in where work takes place, at least for some people." 

This structural shift is not unique to the business world. From music to sports to public speaking, we have seen the amazing ways that technology can connect us to content and entertainment. From Zoom business conferences to virtual sweepstakes events, companies have hosted meaningful virtual events in an unprecedented setting.

As an all-in-one digital talent booking platform, Engage has adapted to the current challenges by hosting virtual events with talent. From video gaming sweepstakes to Zoom conversations, the talent booking industry has also witnessed the power of technology and virtual events. While Engage plans to spearhead a successful return to in-person events when it is safe and appropriate, we also understand the value of virtual events. 

While we will likely see an enthusiastic return to in-person events, we may also see some virtual elements remain. Post COVID-19, clients and talent may choose virtual bookings over in-person for a variety of reasons from convenience to cost savings. As travel expensing used to be the norm in the speaking industry, we may see an increase in virtual speaking events in the future. While none of us really know what our new "normal" will be in the wake of COVID-19, one thing is for certain: it will probably look a little different than it did before. 

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