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Bill Morris - Keynote Speech/ Formula of Success Workshop

Bill’s “Formula for Success” is based on his success as a former Wall Street executive and his success as an athlete by setting a World Record for consecutive sit-ups (an event he created to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation). His program has the similarities of what he calls his “three-legged stool” how to balance the MENTAL-PHYSICAL –SPIRITUAL - elements of life. Bill’s clients have the ability to adapt his program for their own specific needs. For example, when he met with the New York Knicks, they wanted to concentrate on the PHYSICAL or fitness elements that could help strengthen their athletes “core”. Another client UBS was more interested in the MENTAL part of Bill’s program which covers –time management--how to set goals—how to deal with setbacks and how to create a PMA (positive mental attitude). Additionally, they wanted to cover topics as SALES-LEADERSHIP and STRATEGY (which Bill happens to teach at UCI, as an Adjunct Professor). Other clients want the secrets to proper nutrition, how to gain or lose weight, how to read food labels and even how to effectively blend carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Basically,” HOW” to get in shape.

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