Robyn Hatcher - Communication That Connects!

You have awesome talent. High potential and brilliant ideas. You know every aspect of the business and are a technical genius. But… do you have the ability to engage, influence, and persuade others? Do your presence and delivery make a powerful enough impact? Is your content clear, concise and confidently communicated? OR do you get feedback like… “That sounds interesting but I’m not convinced you’re the right person to run with this.” “I’m having a hard time picturing how that would work.” or “Whoa, that’s way over my head. Can you say that in English?” No matter how brilliant we are, a lack of personal impact and weak communication skills can result in a lack of trust, respect, and a loss of revenue. (Not to mention what it could do to your social life) This talk is all about showing participants how to Excavate the hidden gold that makes up their personal brand, clearly Communicate what they excavate and then confidently Radiate when they communicate. Everyone deserves to feel seen, heard, and valued.

Location: Inclusive Workplace Communication Leadership Communication