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James Lawrence - Keynote Speech

James' combination of energy, humor, determination, and achievements captivates his audience and creates an inspirational and awakening phenomenon for all. James ensures each presentation is customized to fit his audience and guarantees passion behind each keynote to engage and arouse maximum performance. James’ story of reaching new limits is one every student, teacher, professor and individual can relate to. He is an ordinary guy, whose extraordinary personal story will make you laugh, cry, reflect, and leave you inspired to reach higher. James has spoken all over the world, on stages in more than 20 countries. His story and his inspiring message includes the following themes: Redefine Impossible - You’ve been told your entire life what is and is not possible. To achieve greatness, you must redefine boundaries and set your sights higher. Setting Milestones - You can’t reach greatness overnight. Short term wins and reaching milestones are key in reaching higher. Doing the Small Things Right - The key to long-term success is to do the small things right over a long period of time. Overcoming Personal Limitations - Our minds will tell us we can’t far before we actually reach our true limitations. Overcoming your Fear - Uncharted waters can be a scary place. To reach new heights you must be able to push through fear and doubts.

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