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Susan Ershler - Keynote Speech

SUSAN LIFTS HER AUDIENCE’S AMBITIONS BY SHOWING THEM HOW HARD WORK, DEDICATION, PERSEVERANCE AND A TOTAL COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE CAN PAY OFF IN REACHING SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE GOALS. Susan Ershler tours the world speaking about her life journey and sharing with others her secrets for success, determination, and achieving seemingly impossible goals. She tells her electrifying story to audiences with clarity and passion. She lifts her audience’s ambitions by showing them how hard work, dedication, perseverance and a total commitment to excellence can pay off in reaching seemingly impossible goals. Not a professional mountain climber, Susan trained by climbing the 35 stories in her high-rise office building on her lunch hour for a year — with a 40-pound pack on her back. As a top leadership, motivational and sales keynote speaker, Susan illustrates how she utilized her experience as a corporate leader as the foundation to her training for climbing mountains. Her leadership message begins with visualizing a goal, no matter how difficult or seemingly out of reach. She continues with techniques to improve focus, discipline and shows how essential teamwork is to achievement. She concludes with a passionate affirmation of the value of life and the thrill of celebrating your success from the top of the world.

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