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Aaron West’s Call of Duty Warzone Sweepstakes

  • By Lauren
  •  Sep 13, 2020

If you love sports and Call of Duty, then Engage has launched the perfect sweepstakes for you. 


Aaron West’s “Call of Duty Warzone” Sweepstakes is a unique opportunity for the chance to play Call of Duty online with Aaron while supporting Fair Fight Action, an organization that promotes fair elections in Georgia and around the country, encourages voter participation in elections, and educates voters about elections and their voting rights.


All you need to enter is a Playstation, a Playstation Network Gamertag, and a Playstation compatible headset, and you’ll have a chance to conquer Verdansk with Aaron as your teammate. Over the course of an approximately two-hour gaming session, there will be many winners in rotation, each of which will play about 30 minutes of non-stop Warzone with Aaron. All entrants are encouraged to have a Playstation compatible headset so that Aaron and the winners can chat as they game. 


Aaron's game stream will be broadcasted via the Engage platform on Twitch as well as Youtube Live. Whether you win the sweepstakes or not, you can follow along LIVE as Aaron and winners fight to the death in the gulag, call in an airstrike, and compete to be the last alive in the Warzone. The Sweepstakes winners will be announced via email or the Engage social media (@Lets_Engage) on 10/10/20 and a member of the Engage team will contact the winners to set up the connection!


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