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Athlete Marketing: Emerging Trends and Opportunities in the NCAA

  • By Lauren
  •  Oct 21, 2020

Amidst an unprecedented year for the sports community as a whole, collegiate athletes are at the center of a larger movement surrounding what it means to "have a seat at the table" in the sports marketing industry.

With a significant void of content from collegiate athletic departments this fall due to COVID-related cancellations,  consumers will increasingly turn to athletes to stay up to date with their favorite teams. With the very power structures of collegiate sports being challenged by student athletes, athletic departments will need to amplify their star athletes to out-shine rival institutions.

Athletes will increasingly leverage digital and social media platforms to promote their marketability and their personal brands. To read more about the NCAA's Name, Image, and Likeness movement and to get an outlook on emerging trends in athlete marketing, visit the link below to read an article by Engage colleague Jarrod Barnes: