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Engage Co-Founder Jake Olson Named ABC News "Person of the Week"

  • By Noah Schwartz
  •  Dec 11, 2018

Engage Co-Founder Jake Olson Named ABC News “Person of the Week”

Jake Olson, President & Co-Founder of Engage and former blind long snapper for the USC Trojans, was named ABC News “Person of the Week” on November 30, 2018. 

ABC news host David Muir introduced the segment: “Here is our person of the week, a boy defying the odds to reach his dream. He has inspired millions, including us, and our friends at ESPN.” 

The video highlights the pivotal moments of Jake’s journey as captured by ESPN. We see the progression of Jake’s long snapping career from high school to playing in his first USC game against Western Michigan. As the story concludes, Jake walks the field one last time with his Dad and guide dog Quebec leading him. 

When asked about his life after long snapping, Jake Olson replied, “I’m sad my days as a football player are over. However, with every ending there is a new beginning and for me this beginning is Engage. I’m excited to see my team and I grow this business.”

The process of booking talent currently includes paper contracts, faxes, mailing checks for payments, and various other outdated methodologies.  Jake and his roommate-turned-manager Daniel Hennes co-founded Engage to replace the old system with digital contracts, live chat communication within the platform, email notifications, credit card or ACH payment, and much more. 

Jake Olson continues to live out his dream and inspire others through his career as a motivational speaker and as President of Engage. 

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