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How Engage is Helping Talent Host Virtual Events

  • By Noah Schwartz
  •  Mar 25, 2020

As Engage was founded with the objective of connecting people with transformative experiences, we are continuing to help connect talent with their audiences in new and exciting ways. 


In these crazy times filled with uncertainty, we are leveraging today’s obstacles to create new opportunities for our talent to grow their audiences. While social distancing and event lockdowns during the Coronavirus Crisis pose unique challenges to the event industry, talent from John Legend to Jimmy Kimmel are finding inventive new ways to interact with fans. 


As Engage was designed to digitize the process of booking anything from a keynote speech to a once-in-a-lifetime experience, Engage’s digital platform has integrated digital capabilities to help talent host virtual events. From social media integration to podcasts, Engage has the tools to help talent grow their audiences digitally. 


Below are several virtual channels in which Engage can help talent host virtual events: 



While podcasts were already blowing up before the COVID-19 outbreak, podcasts will become even more popular during this time of social distancing. While camera and lighting equipment for video content can be expensive, podcasts can be produced at a relatively low cost. 


Livestream Events

While numerous musicians have hosted livestream concerts, this format can be applied to many other talent. From video games to sports to home-fitness routines, livestream features such as Instagram Live, Facebook Watch, and YouTube Live all offer great ways to connect with audiences in an authentic way. 


Home Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos offer a great opportunity for talent to share tips or skills with fans. From fitness routines to cooking tutorials, talent can use their social media platforms to share their knowledge with fans. With platforms including IGTV, Facebook Watch, and YouTube, there are many channels for talent to reach their audiences with creative content. 


Social Media Competitions

From viral Tik Toks to Instagram push-up challenges, people are more active than ever on social media. As millions of people are using social media as a way to challenge themselves and their friends, Engage can help host social media competitions with talent and their fans. There is also a huge opportunity to host competitions for charity and donate proceeds to important causes. 



Live Auctions for One-on-One Conversations with Talent

As talent and fans alike are stuck at home practicing social distancing, there is more time to host intimate events that allow fans to get to know talent on a personal level. From phone calls to FaceTime to Skype, there are lots of unique ways that fans could bid for a personal conversation with talent.