Cytandra Hoover

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Cytandra Hoover, a seasoned solution-builder with over two decades of worldwide experience, fearlessly tackles challenges and shatters barriers to pave the way for others–bringing stability to chaos along the way. Her impressive professional journey as a leader in conflict negotiation, disaster response, transformation, business optimization, and strategic operations has equipped her with the skills to solve complex problems and drive positive change across a diverse range of sectors, from Fortune 100 companies to small NGOs.


Currently, the CEO and Founder at B3C (Be the Change) Global, a boutique portfolio company, Hoover combines the discipline and efficiency of corporate with the delivery of mission and inclusive culture of purpose-driven entities to create sustainable solutions to complex, systemic issues by inspiring collaboration.


Hoover has implemented several significant corporate initiatives throughout her career. She built and led a $2B Strategic Partnerships department for an industry leader in Workers’ Compensation Insurance. While serving as the Acting VP of Corporate FP&A at the fourth-largest educational content company, she successfully led a $2B annual strategic plan and merger. Additionally, as the Senior Director of Global Expense Transformation at Fortune 100 Liberty Mutual Insurance, she delivered $1 billion in global organizational efficiencies.


As an innovative problem-solver and passionate advocate for social impact and inclusion, Hoover worked for a decade with United Nations-Migration and as a contractor to the US State Department-USAID to bring stability and restore dignity to victims of conflict and natural disasters. To establish and drive synergies for issues confronted by migrants and society as a whole, Hoover led teams in creating and deploying global databases to track and leverage learnings across projects to provide ecosystems of support to over 500K beneficiaries worldwide.


This bilingual leader finds purpose in social impact issues as she strives to make a difference and open doors for others. And as she listens, learns, and leverages, Hoover combines her breadth of experiences to execute strategies that solve for complex problems, crises, or conflicts. At her core, she seeks to improve opportunities throughout the inclusion value chain by solving the inequities of the most underrepresented and vulnerable communities.


Hoover’s robust career and cross-cultural experience have informed her ability to build original processes that span diverse opinions and perspectives to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome, ultimately bridging needs with opportunities.


And as her son continues to drive her to do good in the world, Hoover is forging a path as a humanistic, mission-driven leader committed to helping others attain their maximum potential and leave a lasting mark on society.

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