Kathi Sullivan

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Kathi Meyer was a single mom of three beautiful children. Zack 19, Taylor 17 and Logan was just 10. She was a Realtor who had lived in a New England suburb all of her forty years. She was always smiling, very positive and lived life with a positive outlook. Kathi never thought that she would be a public speaker. She never thought that she would be so passionate about the subject of underage drinking. She never thought that she would become an advocate for the prevention of underage drinking and social host liability. All that changed one cold October morning in 2008 when Kathi was told the horrible news that her seventeen year old daughter Taylor had been found, drowned in only two feet of swampy water because of underage drinking and poor choices. They say a moment in your life can change who you are. This was that moment. Kathi describes her ability to start speaking at schools two months after Taylor passed, as a gift, because without it, there is no purpose for losing Taylor. Taylor was an amazing person who should have lived a long healthy life. That was not meant to be her path. Kathi, with Taylor’s Message, is able to help students and parents see how the importance of making good choices in everything in life leads to greatness. Students/parents leave after speaking with Kathi knowing how important they are and how good choices will help them get to their great destiny! Everyone who hears Kathi’s presentation, leaves knowing that things happen for a reason and that life is defined by many different choices we make in life. Her ability to reach her audiences’ hearts by having something in her talk “hit home” is the sole reason why she now proudly considers herself as that public speaker & passionate advocate for prevention! Kathi lives in Plainville, MA with her fabulous husband Chris Sullivan, whom she met at one of her parent nights! They speak together in hopes of spreading positive messages around substance use, mental health & the power of good choices!

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