Nasir "GilliedaKing" Fard

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Gillie da Kid is a hardcore rapper from Philadelphia who gained national attention in 2006 due to a controversy involving Cash Money Records and Lil Wayne. He claimed to have ghost-written for artists on the label, including Lil Wayne. Before this controversy, Gillie da Kid, whose real name is Nasir Fard, was part of the Major Figgas group, which had a strong presence in Philadelphia's underground scene. They released independent records and mixtapes and eventually signed with Suave House Records in the late '90s. However, when the label lost its distribution with Universal, Gillie pursued a solo career elsewhere.


Gillie da Kid crossed paths with Cash Money CEO Bryan "Baby" Williams and was quickly signed to the label. Disputes over his publishing prevented him from releasing a solo record, so he continued to work as a ghostwriter (although Cash Money denies it). Like other talents before him, such as B.G., Juvenile, and Mannie Fresh, Gillie eventually left Cash Money but maintained a good relationship with Lil Wayne until 2006. Wayne's mixtape contained unwarranted attacks against Gillie, prompting him to reveal the truth, which garnered significant attention from the hip-hop press.


Prominent mixtape DJs like DJ Kay Slay and DJ Drama sought out Gillie for new material, and he later signed with the indie label Babygrande Records. In March 2007, Babygrande released The Best of the GDK Mixtapes compilation. In 2008, Gillie da Kid released the single "Get Down on the Ground," which was later covered by Soulja Boy in 2013 under the title "Get Down."


In addition to his music career, Gillie Da King has made appearances in movies such as "Wrath of Cain" and "Blood Cuzzins." He has also ventured into entrepreneurship, launching his own clothing line called "FiggaGang."


Currently, Gillie Da King is a co-host of the podcast "Million Dollaz Worth of Game." He teamed up with his cousin Wallo in May 2019 to start the podcast. Prior to that, Gillie Da King utilized his large fanbase and respected voice in the community to provide genuine and authentic advice through social media platforms.

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