“Philanthropy is not about donating money. Philanthropy is about loving people.”


Pamela Hawley is a keynote speaker, social entrepreneur, tech trailblazer, award-winning improv actor, and CEO of UniversalGiving.


Pamela co-found VolunteerMatch in 1996, a non-profit organization that used the (at the time) brand-new World Wide Web. Since then, she has continued to volunteer around the world and learned that no matter how much she gave, she always received more back.


Pamela's passion for technology and changing the world combined with her entrepreneurial spirit led her to create an award-winning international non-profit organization called UniversalGiving. UniversalGIving has been featured on the homepage of Bloomberg, Oprah.com, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. 


Pamela also created and led the San Francisco Commonwealth Club event, which features Fortune 500 executives. Her past speaking engagements have included talks with Harvard Business School's Dynamic Women in Business Conference, Forbes’ Women in Tech, Duke Women’s Forum, Stanford Business School, and USC Business School.

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