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Usama Young


Usama is an 8 year veteran of the National Football League and Super Bowl XLIV champion. A leader on the field and of carries that quality off the field into the community as well. He earned a degree in Educational Studies from Kent State University. His passion to educate youth developed into building the Usama Young Youth Foundation in 2009, later changed to Believe In U. A 501c3 nonprofit organization that empowers young students through mentoring, leadership development, and college preparatory activities. The goal of Believe In U is to assist students in their transition to higher education and eventually adulthood. Since its creation, BIU has taken high school students from Louisiana, Maryland and Washington, D.C. on visits to colleges and universities across the country. The campus tours help the students gain a greater understanding of what choices they have in secondary education. BIU also hosts an annual “Football and Cheer” fundamental development camp for youth. The camp focuses on more than athletic skills, also current and former professional athletes join him to share valuable life lessons with the children. I hope to inspire other leaders in the community to join in the effort to help our youth focus on education, leadership, and positive community involvement.

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