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Vanessa LeMaistre is an author and healer. She is passionate about empowerment. She has an M.A. in Resilient Leadership a graduate degree focused in sustainability and social justice. She is also a modern day shaman and merges her work with mindfulness. Her platform provides a self-improvement positive lifestyle brand. She brings positive messages to customers who are looking to grow and transform. Her areas of focus are Diversity and Inclusivity, self-improvement, self-transformation, overcoming obstacles, from victim to victor, modern spirituality, and positive thinking leading to positive results. Vanessa has overcome a lot and she believes if she can, you can too. She is very inspirational and she aspires to inspire and motivate you. She provides a dynamic approach and a graceful presence. Her transformational self-help book "Believe in Your Soul", released October 2023. For more information, go to
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After going through childhood experiencing a plethora of sexual abuse and dealing with the absence of her father to protect her, she has overcome a tremendous amount of trauma. When she was 25 she was a lost soul who found her way through yoga and traveling to India for spiritual trainings. Later down her journey, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who passed away 9-months later. Since then, Vanessa has stepped into her path and followed her calling as a shaman. She has created a virtual healing circle where people can congregate in community through ritual.


She teaches yoga, guided meditation, makes Self-Love intention candles and offers readings for people looking for guidance in their professional/ personal lives. Vanessa is a medium and views herself as a channel for those wanting to connect to their loved ones on the other side or those who just want help on their spiritual journey. Her book Believe in Your Soul is releasing in 2023.  One of her missions is to decolonize the African diaspora and diversify white spaces. Vanessa is consistently putting her voice out there authentically as a Black woman on her podcast, YouTube channel and on other social media platforms. She has done extensive nonprofit work globally and plans to help bring great impact within the local and state communities. 


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