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Custom Experience, Martial Arts Workshop, Acting Q & A

Mark is an American actor and Martial Arts expert. He stars in the recently released John Wick 3, and has featured as The Chairman on Iron Chef America, and as Wo Fat on Hawaii 5-0 among many other roles.

Custom Experience, Speech, Corporate Cooking

Chef Andre Rush is the White House Chef and known worldwide for his advocacy of military service and suicide prevention. He is a supporter of the USO and is an active motivational speaker, teaching audiences about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Custom Experience

Udonis Haslem is a Power Forward for the Miami Heat. Udonis is a 3x NBA Champion, 2017 NBA Teammate of the year, and Miami's All Time Leading Rebounder. He played college basketball for the University of Florida, and is now captain of the Miami Heat

Custom Experience, Speech

Al "Bubba" Baker is a former NFL Defensive Lineman and was known as the sack-master. He played for the Browns, Lions, and Cardinals before retiring in 1990. After retiring , Bubba and wife Sabrina opened a Bar-B-Q catering business called Bubba's-Q.

Custom Experience, Speech

Bobby Stuckey is a Master Sommelier, Chef, and Speaker. He is the owner of Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder, CO, and believes that everyone should "be a hospitalian," and everyone needs to live with more intention to help others.

Custom Experience, Courtney's Cake Baking Course

Courtney Rich is a well known chef, baker and cake artist who is hugely popular on Instagram. The rise of her instagram following coupled with her popular blog landed her gigs on The Today Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and The Oprah Magazine.

Custom Experience, Motivational Speech, Oceans 97

Jarvis Green is a 9 year NFL veteran, 2 time Super Bowl Champion with the New England Patriots, and the owner of his own restaurant, Oceans 97. He also runs his own foundation focusing on helping teach kids how to have a healthy lifestyle.

Custom Experience, Bread and Butter

Jeremy Jeffress is a Major League relief pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. Jeffress made his Major League debut in 2010 and has played for the Milwaukee Brewers, Kansas City Royals, Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers.

Speech, Custom Experience

Game Changer, International Business Coach, Author and Entrepreneur, and Inspirational Speaker Everyone has a story to tell. Few, however, prove to be as profound and inspirational as that of Mr. Kenneth Brown.

Custom Experience, Speech, One on One Coaching

MIND - BODY - FOOD With 22 years experience, Lisa Saygun is a success specialist and coach in MIND, BODY, FOOD and LIFE FITNESS - she teaches, empower and motivate individuals to transform their minds, bodies, lives and their relationship with food.

Custom Experience, Speech, Serena Loves

Celebrity Chef, Nutritionist, Reiki Master, and Speaker, Serena Poon has made it her mission to promote further education around the mindful combination of food, nutrition and healing intuition in what she has coined, “Culinary Alchemy™.”