Mike Olson
Chief Technology Officer
About Mike Olson

Mike’s a co-founder and the CTO at Engage. He helped translate Daniel and Jake’s original idea into the platform you see today. If you want to see a new feature in Engage or want an existing one to work differently, reach out to him!

Mike’s always been an entrepreneur and developer at heart. He’s been coming up with new ideas since middle school, building out prototypes, and pitching them to others. With Daniel’s help, they co-founded Shiftcloud (an online scheduling software for restaurant managers) in high school. Since then, he’s worked at improving his UX skills, designed Jake Olson’s personal website, and developed 10+ apps and websites as side projects. Mike’s currently a senior at Duke University where he’s improving his technical skills as a computer science major.

When Mike’s not working on Engage, he’s out hiking, spending time with friends, or picking up new hobbies.

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