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About EngageTM

EngageTM is a web based platform disrupting and digitizing the process of booking anything from a speech to a once in a lifetime experience. Engage is the AirBnb for events, allowing individuals to book talent online for a keynote speech, buy tickets to talent's pop-up events, or engage with talent in a unique, personalized way. Before Engage, the process of booking someone was slowed by inefficient email exchanges, scanning and faxing contracts and dozens of back and forth communications. Engage puts the entire booking process in one place, making it much simpler for bookers, talent and their agents.

Our Story

Engage was conceptualized by blind USC long snapper Jake Olson, and his manager, Daniel Hennes, and was co-founded by Noah Schwartz, Mike Olson, and serial entrerepenurs Brendan Egan and John Shegerian.

After Jake snapped in a NCAA game as the first fully blind college football player, he was flooded with speaking and booking requests. It was then that he and roommate Daniel Hennes came up with the idea for Engage.

The duo teamed up with then college students Noah Schwartz and Mike Olson and wanted to disrupt the talent booking industry. Not knowing where to begin, a fortunate series of events transpired in which John Shegerian became one of those individuals interested in booking Jake for a speech. Jake pitched Shegerian on his business concept, at which point Shegerian introduced him to long-time business partner Brendan Egan, a serial entrepreneur and digital marketing expert.

Coming together by pure chance, the six make up a dream team of company co-founders which has helped propel Engage into the fastest growing digital talent booking platform.