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About EngageTM

EngageTM is a web based platform designed to digitize the process of booking anything from a speech to a once in a lifetime experience. EngageTM is the AirBnb for events, allowing individuals to book talent online for a keynote speech, buy tickets to talent's pop-up events, or engage with talent in a unique, personalized way. Currently, the process of booking someone is slowed by inefficient email exchanges, scanning and faxing contracts and common questions. EngageTM puts the entire booking process in one place, making it much simpler for the user and the talent.

Our Story

EngageTM was founded by blind USC long snapper Jake Olson, and his manager, Daniel Hennes. After Jake played in his first game, they dealt with a ton of speaking and appearance requests. The traditional system of emails, phone calls, and scanning contracts was not suitable for the demand coming in. They began looking for a way to do the whole process online. When they discovered that much of the process of booking an engagement was still based in the 20th century, they founded EngageTM as a way to completely digitize the booking process.