Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Speakers

  • By Shelby Baron
  •  May 03, 2023

 Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the world’s rapidly advancing technologies and in the U.S. alone the current market value is almost $100 billion. AI has a tremendous impact on your life, business, and the world around you, and it’s growing constantly. It’s expected that the market value of AI will reach around $2 trillion in the next seven years.


Your organization or business benefits greatly when embracing AI and learning more about where it is now and where AI will bring us in the future. Any of our engaging, knowledgeable AI speakers can share the facts, tips, and insight you need to know everything there is to know.


Here are our top 10 artificial intelligence speakers you should consider for your next event:


1. Dag Kittlaus

Dag Kittlaus is the “Man Behind Siri,” you know that AI on your Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad that makes it easy to talk to your Apple device to learn more about a topic or to complete a task. He specializes in AI natural language and has been in that role for almost two decades.

2. Linda Bernardi

She’s fascinated by the ways that “data shapes our future” and took that interest to become a leader in emerging technology and the Internet of Things. Linda Bernardi is a riveting AI speaker who strives in helping people see the benefit of embracing AI.

3. Ian Beacraft

Ian Beacraft is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on artificial intelligence and its impact on human creativity and innovation. He’s a trusted advisor to many of the world’s leading next-gen brands and an expert in the use of AI to shape society. His 2022 Masters & Robots keynote on "Creative Machines: The Future of AI and Creativity" gained high praise from listeners.


4. Marita Cheng

Forbes named her one of the “2018 World’s Top 50 Women in Tech'' and it’s her expertise in AI and robotics that landed Marita Cheng on that list. Airpoly, Aubot, and Robogals are just a few of the global companies she’s founded that showcase her knowledge in AI.


5. Tan Le

Tan Le is the founder and CEO of EMOTIV. The company blends neurotechnology, innovation, and AI to advance the understanding of how the brain processes information to perform simple and complex tasks. Her life’s goal is to use AI-based systems to improve productivity, personal safety, and health, and it’s a goal she loves to talk about with audiences.


6. Tom Koulopoulos

Tom Koulopoulos’ YouTube video “Artificial Intelligence and the Power of Behavior” has thousands of views, and it shares insights from his book “Revealing the Invisible.” His knowledge of AI is undeniable, which leads to animated, engaging, and dynamic talks and keynotes, which puts him on our list of best AI speakers.


7. Ben Hammersley

As the founder of Agathonic.AI, it’s going to be hard to find someone with more insight into the world of AI than Ben Hammersley. From talking about how AI could be used to fight traffic tickets to talking about the future of AI and machine learning, Ben’s approaches inspire the audience to stop and think about the benefits and risks that AI brings to the world.


8. Nell Watson

Book Nell Watson for a business or organization’s conference, talk, or keynote on AI ethics and machine intelligence. She’s a senior advisor at Harvard’s The Future Society, a group focused on emerging technologies like AI. Hire her to discuss the importance of AI Existential Safety and make sure AI maintains human values in the process.


9. Kirk Borne

Kirk Borne watches the use of AI closely and is the first to point out the importance of the impact of AI on businesses. He’s the founder and owner of DataLeadershipGroup.AI and a global speaker on topics that include AI, data science, and machine learning.


10. Aaron Bare

Aaron Bare is an expert in automation and AI. He’s helped dozens of companies shift their business strategies by leveraging the Cloud, web3, and AI, among other exponential technologies. His talks help business owners, organizers, and leaders use these technologies while focusing on inclusion and sustainability.


While there are dozens of popular AI speakers, our list compiles those who are currently available to speak to your group or organization. By booking one of our top 10 artificial intelligence speakers, you’ll be assured that your audience walks away informed, inspired, and ready to explore all that AI can do.