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Top 5 Health and Wellness Speakers

  • By Noah Schwartz
  •  Aug 27, 2021

After a long quarantine, the health and wellness sector is booming, with people all over the world wanting to take care of themselves and be their absolute best. Whether it is about healthy eating, relationship advice, exercise or mental health, there is a speaker on Engage available to book now.  On Engage, we have health and wellness speakers of all ages, who are ready to educate and entertain everyone in attendance at your next event. Take a look at the Top 5 Health and Wellness Speakers on Engage:

5. Ali Maffucci

Ali Maffucci is a New York Times bestselling author, blogger, and founder of the brand Inspiralized. Maffucci started her journey helping her mother who is a type 1 diabteic with trying out veganism, and found that spiralizing vegetables was a great way to get important vegetables into someone’s diet. The Inspiralizer is a kitchen tool that turns vegetables into noodles, and she has been called the creator of a “spiral empire” by Food & Wine magazine. She also has an app and a partnership with a national restaurant chain, Houlihan’s, which expanded her healthy food empire. Malffucci is the author of two New York Times best-selling cookbooks, "Inspiralized" and "Inspiralize Everything", and her third cookbook, "Inspiralized and Beyond," is set to release soon. Maffucci’s Instagram account, Alissandra B., has expanded into lifestyle blogging and motherhood, ensuring that Maffucci will have stories for every member of your audience.

4. Katie Austin

Katie Austin is a certified fitness trainer, health coach, author, blogger and model. Growing up as the daughter of fitness icon Denise Austin, Katie has grown up surrounded by health and fitness. After playing Division I Lacrosse at the University of Southern California, where she hosted her own fitness show on the college station, Austin began her career in health and wellness. Austin has since been recognized by Seventeen Magazine as one of the top ten fitness Instagrams to follow, and has also been featured as a fitness and nutrition expert on The Today Show, Hollywood Live, and Home & Family. Her “Get Fit with Katie” program was created to help women to focus on what they love about their body and to fill their mind with positive thoughts. Austin is energetic and entertaining and is sure to be a hit at your next event.

3. Kathrine Bejanyan

Kathrine Bejanyan is a therapist and relationship consultant in central London. Bejanyan has a PhD in Social Psychology and a Masters in Counseling Psychology. Majority of her work is with individuals and couples who need guidance on dating and relationship issues, and Bejanyan focuses on building deeper intimate relationships, developing connections, and prioritizing authenticity in each couple’s love life. Bejanyan teaches university courses on social and cultural psychology, and has been a very popular speaker on these topics. Bejanyan believes that people’s beliefs impact their relationships and that the right skills and knowledge can allow everyone to have a successful relationship. If you are looking for a speaker who will be able to engage your audience as well as provide a rich academic perspective, Bejanyan is the perfect speaker for you.

2. Jay Cardiello

Jay Cardiello is the health coach to the stars, serving as a strength and conditioning specialist to celebrities, professional athletes, television actors, and radio personalities. Some of Cardiello’s former clients include Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, Sofia Vergara, and numerous MLB and NFL teams. Aside from health coaching, Cardiello also is a leading contributor to fitness publications including Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, and the Martha Stewart Radio Show. Cardiello has created many of his own programs, including JCORE, which is a multi-faceted wellness program to help individuals achieve health and wellness in all areas of their life. He has been highly touted by Michelle Obama and Dr. Oz for having a huge impact on worldwide health and wellness, and he walks the walk by contributing both as a philanthropist and a fitness advisor to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Cardiello is an excellent speaker to give the audience at your next event concrete tools they can use to improve their lives, as well as heartwarming stories they will remember for years to come.

1. Kimberly Carducci

Kimberly Carducci is a former college athlete who overcame severe depression after retiring. Carducci was a Division 1 swimmer at The University of North Carolina, and her career was quite successful, including a National College Swimmer of the Week award. When she left the sport and struggled with her mental health, Carducci decided to use her experience to educate and support other athletes both when they are leaving their sport, and when they are performing at their highest levels. Carducci founded the organization, Everything Athletes, which is an online platform where athletes can get practical advice for excelling mentally in their sport and in retirement. Carducci is also a podcaster, author, blogger, and the creator of an online course. Though all of your audience members may not be retired collegiate athletes, Carducci’s stories are universal in terms of dealing with overcoming a loss and transitioning from one period of life to another. 

Should I book a speaker for my event?

In today’s age, our attention span is dwindling. A technological era in which we can get rushes of dopamine to our brain in a couple seconds by scrolling on a variety of social media platforms has created an atmosphere where we quickly become uninterested by something if we are not immediately curious to hear more. In an event, this means being able to grab your audience’s attention immediately and pull them in, wanting to hear more. This is where hiring a speaker for an event comes into play. The speakers that are on Engage’s website are some of the most high-class, interesting stories you will ever hear. Engage has the stories and speakers that will hold your audience captive with interest. 

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