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Top 5 Unique Experiences

  • By Noah Schwartz
  •  Jun 08, 2021

Though Zoom-fatigue continues to be a part of our everyday lives, the world is beginning to reopen. Having spent much of the past year inside with only immediate family, people everywhere are looking for experiences that are physically and intellectually stimulating. Being stuck inside with little excitement in our day to day reminded us all of how important making memories truly is, and there is no better way to have a day you will not forget than spending time with a professional athlete, an artist at the top of their field, or a Guinness World Record holder. Whether you are searching for a small-group or a one-on-one experience, you will not regret booking through Engage and are guaranteed to leave the day inspired. There are hundreds of exciting experiences on Engage’s platform to browse, but these are the top 5 unique experiences to consider:

5. Antonio Dixon - Have a Music Production Workshop

Antonio Dixon is a decorated songwriter, musician and record producer with 8 Grammy nominations and 4 Grammy wins. Dixon has worked across the genres of R&B, Pop, and Gospel, winning Best R&B Album 3 times and Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album once. Dixon has worked with all of the big names, including Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Jessie J, just to name a few. Dixon is currently working with Babyface as his business and production partner, and is continually finding young artists who are just breaking onto the scene. Through Engage, you can book one-on-one time with Dixon, where he will give a comprehensive workshop on best practices for aspiring music producers. Even if you may not consider yourself an aspiring music producer, this experience is perfect for music lovers looking to broaden their horizons and gain a little bit of insight into the industry. 

4. Yogi Roth - Take a PAC 12 Studio Tour

Yogi Roth is a PAC-12 Networks college football analyst who has been a member of the PAC-12 not only as an analyst, but also as a coach at USC. Before coaching, Roth was a player at the University of Pittsburgh, where he managed to earn a full-athletic scholarship as a walk-on to the football team. However, his inspiring story did not end there, as Roth has spent the rest of his career telling stories and bringing out the best in others. His television credits include PAC-12 Network, Bleacher Report, ESPN, NFL Network, CBS, and his storytelling abilities have also been demonstrated through successful podcasts and New York Times Best-Selling books. Anyone who has ever spent time with Roth knows there is never a dull moment and plenty of stories to go around, so booking a PAC-12 Networks studio tour with him is sure to be a great time.

3. The Human Calculator - Learn Mental Math Shortcuts

Scott Flansburg, otherwise known as The Human Calculator, is a walking supercomputer. Born with a rare genetic mutation that allows his brain to “see” numbers and perform complex calculations in his head, Flansburg has spent his life as an “edutainer” trying to educate others. Flansburg believes in the importance of the self-esteem that can come from elevating an individual's confidence in math, and founded The Counting Bee to provide mathletes with a platform to showcase their skills. The Human Calculator has won multiple Guinness World Records for his talents, and recents studies suggest that the speed of his calculations outraces the speed of his ability to speak the answers. During your experience with Flansburg, he will teach you to harness the power of your own mind and increase your mental math skills. Not only are the skills Flansburg can teach you helpful in day to day life, but his motivational stories and positive spirit will make for both an educational and entertaining experience.

2. Tyler Hamilton - Take a Bike Ride

Tyler Hamilton is a Tour de France stage winner who spent most of his career as one of the world’s top-ranked cyclists. He is still the only American to win one of cycling’s five Monuments. During his time in the realm of professional cycling, Hamilton was a part of Lance Armstrong’s inner circle, and was with Armstrong on the first 3 of his 7 Tour de France wins. This led to Hamilton ultimately testifying before a grand jury on the performance-enhancing drug scandal that rocked the world of professional sports. After stepping away from the sport, Hamilton authored two memoirs, The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-ups, and Winning at All Costs, going deeper into his experience on the professional circuit. On your ride with Hamilton, you can pick up some new tricks on your bike or simply enjoy a ride of any distance.

1. Erik Weihenmayer - Go on a Hike

Erik Weihenmayer is the first ever blind person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, and one of about 150 people ever to have scaled the Seven Summits. After losing his vision at age 14, Weihenmayer decided that his blindness would not stop him from achieving his goals and living life to the fullest, and his “No Barriers” movement is designed to help others to adopt this mentality in their own lives. Through Engage, you can book a hike of any difficulty with Weihenmayer, getting not only hiking tips and tricks, but also a whole life's worth of inspiration. His motto, “What’s Within You Is Stronger Than What’s In Your Way,” will without a doubt motivate you during however difficult of a hike you choose to embark on.

Custom Experiences - Most of the talent available to book on Engage is available for custom experiences, where you can submit a request for any experience you can imagine. From athletes like Matt Barkley and Terrell Thomas to business moguls such as David Meltzer and Ed Mylett, there is a custom experience to fit any of your needs. Get creative because it is time to make those memories!

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