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Boris has presented to top names in the private and public sectors for over four decades. He is an accomplished comedian with a hilarious presentation that entices self-improvement. Boris is in high demand to deliver the precise vision of meeting planners and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to make booking easy. Boris has an astoundingly high re-booking rate and performs repeatedly at multiple events for the same company.Boris is a two-time TEDx speaker and regularly appears on television alongside some of the most enigmatic world leaders and presenters. He has coached celebrities, royalty, sports, and political figures. A multiple award-winning speaker with a fun interactive presentation, Boris delivers the message event planners are looking for, loud and clear.Boris shares personal examples of setbacks and tremendous leaps of faith that keeps audiences engaged and on the edge of their seats. He explains the important ways to understand how negative thoughts form and how to prevent them from returning in the future. Attendees receive useful ideas, strategies, and steps to help reach goals while being entertained and amazed. Experience a motivational speaker with a contagious positive energy that empowers and motivates teams and individuals to achieve a positive mindset, reduce stress, develop leadership skills, grasp opportunities, and close deals with confidence.Boris has extensive knowledge of psychology, computer programming, and hypnosis. He combines this knowledge to blend motivation with entertainment that helps reprogram the mind and mindset for success. He is a certified hypnotherapist and holds memberships in numerous professional guilds. He travels internationally appearing in diverse venues. Boris has a simple objective of transforming lives for the better. He guides participants to think outside the box and be a leader who can deal effectively with change. Every presentation is designed based on the specific needs of company executives and speaker search committee members- Boris provides customized motivational programs for every client. Experiential activity encompasses event learning objectives to create a positive mindset and improves team dynamics. Participants are accountable to consciously and subconsciously practice behaviors that lead to personal enrichment and team success. They are engaged to create a mindset that pushes their intelect and emotions while expanding their view of the world. Participants experiment and create in the world of make-believe and adapt their thinking, making sense and relevance in an altered state of consciousness. Problems are solved decisively because they step outside their comfort zone. Failure and risk-taking are part of the live demonstration and outcomes depend on finding ways to work together as one. Participants achieve skills useful in personal development and behavior change.

Dan Chan Master Magician is an internationally renowned, award-winning magician whose magic has taken him all over the world. Dan is regarded as one of the nation's top corporate magicians and performs at events for leaders and influencers worldwide.

Keelan Leyser inspires enhanced business thinking by challenging individuals to have the imagination of a magician.

Ben Whiting achieved international success as an award winning magician and mind-reader by creating an atmosphere on stage where the impossible was possible and where human connection had no limits.

Cody Byrns is an award-winning speaker and a number one best-selling author. He has been featured on many TV and radio shows around the world, and his message has encouraged thousands.

Giani Caro is nationally regarded professional performer, speaker, and author with a flair for the dramatic. Giani is a uniquely popular choice to present and entertain at your next business conference or special event.

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