Alan Stein Jr.

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Alan Stein, Jr. teaches proven strategies to improve organizational performance, create effective leadership, increase team cohesion and collaboration, and develop winning mindsets, rituals, and routines that impact sales and the bottom line. 


A successful business owner and veteran basketball performance coach, he spent 15 years working with the highest-performing athletes on the planet (including NBA superstars Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Kobe Bryant).


In his corporate keynote programs and workshops, Alan reveals how to utilize the same approaches in business that elite athletes use to perform at a world-class level. He delivers practical lessons that can be implemented immediately.


Speaking Topics - 


RAISE YOUR GAME: How to Maximize Your Individual Performance, Contribution, and Significance


Regardless of title or tenure, attendees walk away with actionable steps to:

  • Align your habits with your core values and beliefs
  • Improve your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and develop a true winner’s mindset
  • Learn to be present in the moment
  • Earn confidence while maintaining humility
  • Manage change and create a process for progress


RAISE THEIR GAME: How to Improve Your Leadership Performance, Impact, and Influence


This program is vital for any leader who aspires to:

  • Become the leader for which you would want to work
  • Find, attract, hire, train, empower, support, and retain top talent
  • Build a winning culture by aligning organizational beliefs and behavior
  • Heighten Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to establish unparalleled trust, buy-in, and believe-in
  • Effectively coordinate everyone’s effort to produce astonishing results


RAISE OUR GAME: How to Increase Organizational Performance, Communication, and Cohesion


This program is a must-attend for any team that aspires to:

  • Want every team member to be consistently exceptional
  • Promote and emphasize the value of diversity, empathy, and inclusion
  • Eliminate entitlement, selfishness, and complacency
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communication
  • Develop competence and confidence through honest feedback


RAISE YOUR SALES: Increase Sales Performance with the Mindsets, Habits, and Focus of World Class Performers


In this session, attendees will learn the most effective strategies to:

  • Shift your mindset from selling to solving
  • Become a world-class active listener (telling is not selling)
  • Consistently create quality touches (sales is a high-contact game)
  • Learn to care more about the prospect than making the sale
  • Develop unparalleled relationships


SUSTAIN YOUR GAME: How to Effectively Manage Stress, Avoid Stagnation, and Beat Burnout


Sustain Your Game will empower every attendee to:

  • Heighten clarity on your true purpose
  • Embrace ways to maximize the unseen hours
  • View accountability from your inner circle as a gift
  • Effectively improve emotional intelligence
  • Create standards and systems to sustain fulfillment

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