Author, entrepreneur, and Navy SEAL, Alden Mills is on a mission to help people be Unstoppable by leading and serving to their full potential.


His motto is “To lead is to serve--and to serve is to care.” Alden has been leading, serving, and caring his whole career. It all started at age 12 when Alden’s doctor told him to play chess because his asthma wouldn’t allow him to play sports.


Alden took this on as a personal challenge. He threw himself into sports and became a nationally ranked rower, a gold medalist at the Olympic Festival, and captain of the freshman and varsity teams at the U.S. Naval Academy. Alden then became a Navy SEAL, earning the top leadership post of platoon commander three times.


Alden then founded one of the nation’s fastest growing consumer product companies, Perfect Fitness, skyrocketing it to $95 million in sales in just three years. There, he developed a patented product--the Perfect Pushup. Collectively, Alden holds over 40 product patents.


When he’s not keynoting or facilitating workshops, Alden advises a number of executives and companies. Alden is also wrangling four teenage boys with his wife, and planning his next great climb on one of the world’s highest peaks.

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