Alexandria Agresta

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Alexandria Agresta is a renowned Thought Leadership Expert, Facilitator & Trainer, and TEDx Speaker with a clear vision: don’t let the music, or the magic, die inside you. She is the co-Founder of Purpose Pioneers, where she uses the power of purpose to turn entrepreneurs into thought leaders and businesses into movements. With a decade of in-the-arena experience and an impressive track record of guiding over 200 industry leaders to success, Alexandria has become a trailblazer in her field pushing the boundaries of how to lead with courage, be bold in your self-expression, and reimagine what the modern-day workplace can look like. She has become known for her fresh, innovative, and fun approaches that inspire people to think outside the box and explore new possibilities. Alexandria moves with magic and can’t wait to help others make the impossible possible. 


Speaking Topics -


Business Party: Move Into Your Next Level of Creativity and Innovation... Literally!

In this electrifying talk, Alexandria reveals how to tap into your inner creative genius and courageous leader in a unique, unconventional way. This is one for the books!


Leadership Party: Step into Bold & Creative Leadership In the AI Era

In this thought-provoking talk, Alexandria shares the next frontier of leadership: a workforce that pushes people into their creative potential. Move over AI, humans are here to stay... and thrive!


Sparkle Party: Reconnect to the Magic of Who You Are

In this inspiring talk, Alexandria takes you on a journey of self-empowerment, guiding you back to your truest self so you can shine the sparkliest you to the world. This talk is ideal for women's empowerment conferences.


Events Party: Skyrocket Event Engagement & Attendance with Experiential Education

In this thrilling talk, Alexandria shows you how to turn ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. This talk is exclusively for meeting planner groups and associations.

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Virtual In-Person

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"Alexandria is a rockstar! The female Anthony Robbins. WOW!”

Michael Fieger, CEO, Marketing Wizard

“WOW! Alexandria is SUCH a pleasure to work with and her energy is absolutely infectious! We had the pleasure of experiencing all that she has to offer during a keynote that our clients cannot stop raving about. Even now, our clients consistently bring up her teachings in their everyday work lives and how helpful it has been in their experience with sales. We are so excited to have Alexandria speak at our next event and cannot recommend her enough if you are looking for a vibrant, extremely knowledgeable and uplifting speaker!”

Michael Chu, CEO and Fitness Expert
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