Alicia Korten

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Alicia is a leading national voice on building Values-Led We Cultures. Her books and curricula include Values IgniteValues Sustain and Change Philanthropy (Wiley), winner of the Axiom Best Business Book of the Year. She is the creator of the Core Values & Culture Survey, a popular culture instrument that accelerates workforce culture transformation.


Alicia has trained and led culture initiatives for household names such as Levi’s, Boehringer-Ingelheim, the Ford Foundation and the United Nations. She is also a passionate supporter of small businesses and cooperatives. Her work has helped clients achieve significant growth turn arounds and catapult forward as values-led industry leaders. 


Alicia’s interactive sessions, story-based methodologies, and innovative culture tools are inspired by her diverse cross-cultural experiences. She grew up in Asia, and as a Fulbright Scholar, spent several years in Latin America working with the Embera, Wounaan and Kuna Indigenous Peoples in the rainforests of Panama’s mythic Darien Gap. She brings her knowledge of culture, and what makes people tick, into the business world to create engaged, values-led workplace cultures. As a speaker and facilitator, she draws on her decades of unique experiences to offer fresh stories and powerful tools for helping organizations lean into their most deeply held principles to achieve extraordinary results.


Alicia is a Brown graduate and is fluent in English and Spanish. She is currently writing her next book on values and culture.

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Virtual In-Person

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I was lucky to be part of the Work Better Day "Explore Series: Values-Led Culture" led by Alicia Korten. I was blown away by the experience. Not only does Alicia have a curious and brilliant mind for storytelling, but she has a huge heart and connects with and engages the crowd. The feedback was incredible and leaders genuinely left ready to take action on their culture!

Natalie Kapoulous / Work Better Day

Alicia Korten’s understanding and knowledge of how to cultivate a healthy, driven and unified company culture is the best I have ever seen. Her level of engagement during her presentation and her willingness to dig deep with the employees went far and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend her to any company that is seeking to move to the next level!

Kahlil Perez / The Capital Group

Alicia's passion for the power of values-led work is infectious! Her session was energizing, fun, even joyful. I left inspired to act. She gave us concrete tools for building a culture to support more productive values-led teams. I keep my treasured copy of VALUES IGNITE, her team guide, right behind my desk for quick reference.

Jim Schulman / Alliance for Regional Cooperation

I absolutely loved Alicia's presentation. It brought to life real examples of brands we know and follow and how they are bringing values to the marketplace. The models and case studies were enlightening.

Sana Rasul / HR Girlfriends

The workshops Alicia co-led were mind-expanding, multi-sensory, and impactful in reminding us all about our power within and how sharing stories connect us and help build strong relationships that push us all forward together.

Peter Newell / REI