Alison McCauley

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Artificial intelligence is already changing "possible". A key driver of competitive success will soon be how effectively you harness its power. What stands in the way is often not the technology itself, but the challenge of the human dimensions: how to raise AI literacy, navigate vast and complex implications, understand where and how to innovate, and foster adoption. I’m dedicated to demystifying this future through my writing, speaking, and teaching.

  • Career strategist focused on closing the gap between transformative technology and people’s understanding of how to use it to unlock business value
  • Decades of experience advising both founders and the Fortune 1000 C-Suite
  • International best selling author (O' Reilly Media, 2019); articles in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Venture Beat; over 90,000 learners have taken my LinkedIn course
  • Linkedin Top Voice in Artificial Intelligence
  • Women in AI advocate and in-demand female keynote speaker on artificial intelligence and the acceleration of tech-driven change

Alison McCauley's Experiences

Virtual In-Person
Virtual In-Person

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Alison gave one of the most engaging and well received talks at our two-day conference. Our audience loved her energy.

Roger Magoulas

Our audience absolutely loved Alison’s talk. She is not only an energetic and engaging speaker, she is an expert at cutting through the hype and making complex ideas simple.

Victoria Howell

Alison warmly welcomes her audience into an intimidating topic and makes it not only enjoyable, but inspires them to learn more.

Gopi Rangan