Andre Norman

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Known to many as “The Ambassador Of Hope,” Andre’s experience and expertise are what empower him to help people turn their situation around. Andre travels around the world to serve as a mentor and listening ear for so many in need. He has made an impact working in the countries of Bahamas, Guatemala, Honduras, Liberia, Sweden, and Trinidad. Inclusion has been at the core of his solution-based efforts.

From illiteracy to gang activity, Andre’s childhood prepared him for nothing less than a life of crime and violence. This behavior eventually led Andre to be sentenced to over 100 years in prison. As a natural-born leader, he quickly rose to the top of the prison gang system, where he managed gang activities from within the confines of a maximum-security prison. During his two-year stay in solitary confinement, Andre had an “epiphany,” and he made the decision to turn his life around.

Over the next eight years, Andre worked twenty hours per day towards making this dream a reality. First, he taught himself how to read, then to understand the law and without hesitation, participated in anger management groups. After winning his appeal and having been armed with a GED and a dream, Andre walked out of prison in 1999, after serving fourteen years.

Speaking Topics:

From Maximum Security Prison to Harvard University
The story of Andre’s personal journey from prison to university lecturer and international speaker is not a Cinderella story. It is a tale of extremely hard work, numerous setbacks, and an uphill struggle against tremendous odds. It is also a story that has inspired numerous audiences and encouraged people to think differently about what a determined individual can achieve. What is your Harvard?

Authentic Leadership - Lessons from the Street 
Professor John Kotter of the Harvard Business School wrote that, “for leadership, achieving a vision requires motivating and inspiring—keeping people moving in the right direction . . . by appealing to basic but often untapped human needs, values, and emotions.” Andre had to abandon his old value system in order to take control of his life and, once released, stay out of prison. But he did find that some of what he learned in the world of prison gangs—about those untapped needs and emotions—has relevance for leaders in the world of legitimate business. Andre provides fresh perspectives on the leader’s role and a new appreciation for what is possible.

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Virtual In-Person

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"Andre is one of the most impactful speakers I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen him speak live 3 times now – and each time I’m left speechless and standing to applaud. He once left an entire room of CEOs crying, his impact was so strong.”

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