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After his initial shot at acting didn’t pan out, Andy Buckley was 5 years into his career as a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch, part of a team managing over $500 million in personal assets, when he got the luckiest phone call of his life - the offer to appear on the NBC comedy, ‘The Office.’ The FA position was the perfect background for his fictional role as David Wallace, CFO of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Buckley stayed at Merrill Lynch for 6 more years, while continuing his role on ’The Office,’ which has led to many other acting opportunities.


He presently has regular roles on the HBO comedy ‘Avenue 5,’ opposite Hugh Laurie and Josh Gad, as well as the upcoming Netflix action comedy series, ‘FUBAR,’ starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. 


Past regular or recurring roles have included HBO’s ‘VEEP' and 'Silicon Valley,’ as well as ’Shameless,’ ’The Lying Game,’ ‘Odd Mom Out,’ ‘Casual’ and ‘Scorpion.’


In movies, he’s gotten to play opposite actors ranging from Will Ferrell, Michael Keaton and Mark Wahlberg (The Other Guys) to Jeremy Renner (The House) to Alvin (yes, of Alvin and the Chipmunks) to Chris Pratt and the T-Rex (Jurassic World) and Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy (The Heat). Other movies he’s appeared in include Lady Bird, Bridesmaids, Bombshell and the recent comedy ‘Most Guys Are Losers,’ opposite Mira Sorvino. 


Andy Buckley emcees and speaks at various corporate and charitable events across the country. The mix of his continuing corporate background and ‘The Office’ persona lends an entertaining aspect to these speaking engagements.


Born in Boston, Buckley spent time growing up in St. Louis, Chicago, South Florida. He attended Stanford where he played on the golf team his first two years at school. He’s married with two sons and resides in Los Angeles.


Speaking Topics - 


Celebrities, They’re Just Like Businesses


’There is No Mystery to It…..Success in Acting is Like Success in Any Other Business’


Since the beginning of the Golden Era of Movies, Hollywood has tried to create some mystery around actors and that they’re these special magical beings who effortlessly move you and make you laugh and aren’t quite like the rest of us. The reality is that acting is like any other business, and the people who succeed have the same qualities as those who succeed in the business world.


After working 10 years as a Wealth Manager at Merrill Lynch and then making the jump to the silver screen with Andy Buckley’s role on The Office, he’s seen firsthand that being an actor is no different than being a successful advisor. All of the top members at Merrill Lynch had the same qualities he’s seen time and time again in some of Hollywood’s biggest actors.

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