Angela Ruggiero

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Angela Ruggiero, a globally-recognized Sports Strategist and Builder, award-winning Founder, and Olympic Gold Medalist, leads transformative initiatives that reshape the sports landscape. As a CEO, Strategic Advisor and Board Member, she drives innovation and enhances the global impact of sports, ensuring equitable and innovative solutions worldwide.

Featured in Forbes's "25 Most Powerful Women in Sport" and recognized as one of ESPN's Top Female Athletes, Ruggiero is a prominent voice in sports leadership, celebrated for growing high-performance teams and building new industry solutions. Her advocacy for athletes' rights and sustainable sports management is showcased across platforms including TEDx Talks and others. 

As the Co-Founder and Chair of the Sports Innovation Lab, Ruggiero champions the adoption of data-driven strategies to boost fan engagement and revenue growth. In her Advisory roles with the National Hockey League’s New York Rangers and as the Executive Director of the Women’s Sports Club, she utilizes advanced technologies and strategic business insights to significantly impact the sports sector.

Ruggiero's 8-year tenure at Executive Board and Member of the International Olympic Committee has been marked by her efforts to integrate digital technology, enhance gender equity, and uphold ethical practices in global sports governance. In addition, her role as former Chief Strategy Officer for the upcoming 2028 Olympic Games  underscores her pivotal influence in shaping the future of international sports.

Her advisory positions with the Boston Athletic Association, International Ice Hockey Federation, and as an Executive Board Member of World Rugby actively advance the influence of sports worldwide. And her involvement with the VC firm Titletown Tech underscores her commitment to strategic investments in sports startups, promoting entrepreneurial leadership across the sports landscape.

A decorated hockey icon, Ruggiero has been inducted as the 4th woman in the Hockey Hall of Fame, the USA Hockey Hall of Fame, and is a four-time Olympian and Olympic Gold Medalist. First woman (non-goalie) to play Profesional Men's Hockey in America. An accomplished student athlete during her time at Harvard University, she captained her team to a National Championship. Ruggiero also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an M.Ed. in Sports Management from the University of Minnesota and a Private Equity Certificate from Wharton, equipping her with extensive expertise in sports management and business administration.

Dedicated to innovating and shaping the future of sports, Ruggiero's vast experience and visionary leadership not only redefine her fields of endeavor but also inspire anticipation and action for what’s next in the global sports arena.

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