Angie Witkowski

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Angie Witkowski is a highly respected author and thought leader and Marine Corps Veteran. In addition to her three books, Leading from the Front, Spark, and Bet on You, she’s a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Inc., and other publications. Over the past 20 years, she has worked with organizations like Facebook, FedEx, and Boston Scientific to develop their leadership potential through keynotes and consulting and has coached hundreds of individuals to the next stage of their careers.


Speaking Topics - 


Why Not Me? Take Meaningful Risks in Your Life 

(Based on the Bestseller Bet on You)


Big dreams require big risks. Learn how to develop the Clarity, Confidence, and Courage needed to bet on yourself. Sharing her emotional journey, Angie reveals life-tested practices for facing your fears, embracing risk-taking, and living the life you were meant to pursue.


This keynote is perfect for ambitious professionals who:

  • Have un-lived dreams they want to achieve and need to stop playing it “safe” 
  • Don’t believe they have what it takes to pursue their meaningful vision for life 
  • Are crushing it at work, but have neglected other areas of their life
  • Are busy, but don’t feel like their efforts are amounting to much


The audience will leave with:

  • A renewed sense of self-trust that empowers them to move toward their dreams with greater confidence
  • Actionable insights into the Play it Safe Paradox and the 3 common myths of risk-taking
  • The motivation and tools to develop a Risk-Taker Mindset and begin building a more rewarding life.


Be a SPARK! Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success

(Based on the Bestseller SPARK)


The leadership practices presented in this keynote empower individuals to be a SPARK- a doer, thinker, and initiative-taker who creates results- no matter what their job title is. Attendees will leave equipped to inspire others, nurture their team’s success, and contribute to a better leadership culture within their organization.


This presentation is ideal for leaders at all levels who:

  • Need practical strategies for inspiring their disengaged or burned-out teams
  • Want to lead their team to success but aren’t sure what steps to take
  • Are struggling to build trust and engagement within their team and organization.


The audience will leave with:

  • Confidence in their ability to transform a group of individuals into a team and a recommitment to team building
  • An unforgettable reminder that leadership is a choice and they can choose not only to lead but also to strengthen their leadership skills
  • A clear understanding of the value of accountability and engagement, and simple ways they can implement both to build trust


Lead from the Front: No Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women

(Based on the Bestseller Leading from the Front)


Drawing on her transformative experience in the Marine Corps, Angie offers a unique look into the skills, mindset, and techniques of military leadership and how women can apply these highly effective leadership principles to their careers and lives.


This presentation is perfect for women who:

  • Lack of confidence or need to develop a stronger command presence
  • Want to understand a principled approach to leadership development
  • Struggle to take responsibility for setbacks and disappointments


The audience will leave with:

  • A new rubric for leading like a US Marine: setting the example, keeping high standards, and being authentic in their leadership style.
  • A profound sense of the power and ability they already have to own (and develop) their potential.
  • An Accountability Mindset that empowers them to take responsibility and make a conscious choice to lead, regardless of their title.

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“I've been with the company for 30 years. I honestly say you are, without a doubt, the best keynote speaker I've listened to in my career. Thank you for sharing your story and your inspiration.”

Vice President, Stellantis