Annu Khot

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Annu Khot is an award-winning Founder, CEO, and Innovator who is transforming the cannabis industry to foster greater inclusivity and benefits for all. Driven by a commitment to acknowledge, value, and empower every individual, Khot is on a mission to bridge societal divides, create economic opportunities for underrepresented communities, and enhance well-being.


Spearheading a new era of prosperity in cannabis, Khot is committed to dismantling societal conditioning and systemic barriers by championing inclusivity in leadership, ownership, and usership.


In 2019, she founded Socíale Dispensary, an employee-owned business exclusively offering products from female and minority-owned operations. Socíale embodies her vision of providing ownership opportunities to those disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs by enabling those often found working for the company to work on the company.


Khot’s mission extends to challenging stigmas and expanding the understanding of cannabis benefits through dedicated advocacy and education. Her leadership has earned her an invitation to the exclusive Forbes Business Council. Subsequently, she was recognized as one of the Top 50 Women Leaders of Illinois for 2023 and received the distinguished Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Award.


A sought-after strategist, advisor, and speaker, Khot contributes her expertise to high-profile platforms like the Benzinga Capital Cannabis Conference, the Career Theory Podcast, and respected industry publications. Throughout her career, Khot has been unwavering in her pursuit of empowering others, inspiring individuals to reclaim their power and realize their true potential.


Khot brings over 20 years of experience driving opportunity creation through innovation. With two decades of leadership as a Managing Partner for successful real estate and technology ventures, Khot has always done things differently. Under her leadership, ownership opportunities were created for the marginalized, and potential was unlocked for the under-resourced.


Khot’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Laws degree in Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law from the National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata. Additionally, she holds a Master’s Certificate from the Cannabis Training University, establishing a foundation for her industry leadership.


More than just pioneering a new industry, Khot’s journey is about empowering individuals, reshaping societies, and inspiring others to reclaim their power. She’s igniting a revolution in an industry ripe for evolution—forging a path where more people can participate, prosper, and thrive in the places they call home.


Speaking Topics -



  • Why women & minorities should be prioritized to benefit from cannabis industry economics
  • Why cannabis helps us promote inclusivity & bridge social gaps
  • The opportunity the cannabis industry has to lead by example & inspire other industries
  • How to reclaim your power & break systemic barriers

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