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Step right up and prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary talents of Anthony Alvarado, a certified coach and leader with over 10 years of captivating speaking experience.  As a CCAR Certified Coach, Anthony empowers individuals and trains the trainers, ensuring that his impact extends far beyond his reach. With his QPR certification, he equips individuals with the skills to provide life-saving support in suicide prevention.

Having graced the stage hundreds of times and led numerous in-person and online workshops, Anthony's experience is unparalleled. His magnetic presence has captivated crowds of up to 8,000 people, leaving them inspired and eager for positive change. From intimate gatherings to large-scale conferences, Anthony has mastered the art of engaging diverse audiences with his powerful storytelling and dynamic facilitation.


When it comes to the range of compelling topics Anthony covers, the possibilities are endless. Anthony's expertise shines through whether he's unpacking emotional baggage, helping individuals find support when feeling overwhelmed, or delving into creating healthy habits in a world full of distractions. His ability to break the silence surrounding mental health and addiction recovery is transformative, empowering individuals to share their stories and advocate for change.


Audiences are in for an unforgettable experience with Anthony Alvarado at the helm. His extensive knowledge, training, and ability to connect with people from all walks of life make him a true force to be reckoned with. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and equipped with the tools to transform your life and the lives of others. Speaking topics include titles like: 


Letting Go of Emotional Baggage: Coping with Life's Challenges

Join my short talk workshop and learn from real-life examples of adventure, failure, and triumph. Learn how to stop and lean in during difficult moments, discover your internal map through self-awareness, and build a survival toolkit of mantras, mindset, self-care, and more.


By taking the proper steps to overcome emotional baggage, you can identify your feelings, process your emotions, and ultimately let go. Don't let life's challenges hold you back - unlock your resilience today. 


Feeling Overwhelmed? Discover Ways to Manage Stress and Find Help

Join my workshop and learn how to prevent feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed in today's challenging world. With nearly 90% of adults and 70% of college students experiencing emotional distress or anxiety, taking proactive steps to protect your mental health is essential. My workshop will cover the following key topics:


  • Signs of Burnout and how to recognize them
  • Strategies for taking a mental break and reducing stress
  • Practical tips for taking action and managing stress in healthy ways

Don't let stress and anxiety take over your life - learn how to manage your emotions and protect your mental health today.


Building Lasting Healthy Habits in Today's Distracted World

In a world of distractions, it can be not easy to make healthy habits and stick to them. But with the right strategies and mindset, you can create lasting change. Join my workshop and learn how to change your habits for the better, with key takeaways including:


  • Letting go of perfectionism and embracing progress
  • Staying committed through the ups and downs of habit-building
  • Building healthy habits one step at a time

Healthy habits, from morning routines to exercise regimes, are essential for success and well-being. Our workshop will provide practical tips and strategies for forming lasting healthy habits and breaking free from the unhealthy ones holding you back. Don't let distractions get in the way of your goals - start building healthy habits today.


Using Storytelling for Mental Health and Addiction Advocacy: Learn How to Make an Impact


Sharing your story can be a powerful tool for advocacy, especially regarding mental health and addiction recovery. In this interactive workshop, I will show you how to make a lasting impact on your community by harnessing the power of storytelling. With over ten years of experience in community work, Anthony will provide key takeaways, including:


  • The science behind storytelling and how it can influence others
  • The importance of language and choosing the right platform for your message
  • Balancing personal Advocacy with community action
  • Strategies for getting others to join your movement

When we share our stories, we realize we have more in common than we thought. I have helped thousands of young people share their stories and create social change, and now he's teaching others to do the same. Whether you're an individual looking to make a difference or a business wanting to create a positive impact, this workshop will provide the tools and inspiration you need to change your community.

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