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Ben Hines founded Moving Performance bringing together his two passions: people development and music. He uniquely combines his 13 years of commercial experience in the financial and legal sectors with his own musical abilities as a semi-professional orchestral French horn player.


"Ben has an amazing ability to bond teams around a cause through music. It really needs to be experienced to be believed and understood. It is beautiful, uplifting, and long-lasting. Ben has a very special gift that he is generous enough to share.” RENE CARAYOL, MBE*


Working with some of the world's leading companies, Ben Hines has used music to help both executive boards and emerging leaders to reflect on their strengths and those of others, to move toward more collaborative and productive outcomes. He works across the world facilitating leadership programs and as a conference keynote speaker.


In his earlier career, Ben led high-performing teams in the financial and professional service industries. As a strategic marketer for Barclays PLC he created and implemented numerous innovative segmented product solutions across multiple countries extending Barclays' international coverage. With CPA Global, a leading legal services provider, he advised and brought significant change to how the company structured itself to maximize its key markets.


Ben Hines is married, has five young children, and lives in London.

Speaking Topics - 


Know the Score: Elevating Leadership and Performance


High performing teams are often talked about in conferences, but rarely experienced first-hand. Imagine your organisation observing a world-class team in person at your conference and leaving inspired to make actionable change. 


Know the Score® is an immersive leadership and team development experience that brings the beauty and power of music, plus world-class musicians into your event. Facilitated by Ben Hines, CEO of Moving Performance, your participants observe and experience how a world-class team of musicians achieves a consistent level of high performance and the role that leadership plays in this process. 


The numerous metaphors from the music world translate directly into actionable ideas that can transform your leaders and team’s performance.  The experience is immersive and inclusive; with the session being masterful facilitated by Ben Hines, who draws in participants and musicians alike to create a memorable learning experience. 


Take Aways:

  • Numerous actionable ideas for leaders to go and implement straight away with their teams
  • Leaders are inspired by the experience, having the value of seeing their challenges through a new and fresh lens
  • Teams of leaders have a share learning experience which can be referenced internally into the future
  • Optional online-video content and follow-up for the leader to roll-out to their teams (additional cost)


Change Management


Change can be difficult.


It could be the result of an M&A or perhaps you have a new leadership team. Maybe you're wanting to shift your business paradigm. Mismanage the transition and your business will lose productivity.


One of the most significant challenges facing businesses today is how to bring your people with you through these times. Most leaders are good at communicating change rationally. But change is also emotional.


We can help you get under the skin of the issue.


Our creative solutions help teams express how they feel about change, and allow them to develop a greater understanding of how they can work together more effectively in a changing environment.


Time and again we've seen people embrace change, quickly and more effectively, leading to increased engagement and more productivity. We'll help you speak both to the hearts and minds of your people, to get everyone singing from the same songsheet.


Effective Communication


Communication is the heart of good business.


Listening to needs. Expressing opinion. Voicing solutions. Communication is complex and subtle. And as many leaders will well know, the success of your business can depend as much on the nuance of non-verbal communication as much as it does on clear verbal communication.


We find that in the complexity and nuance of music, there's a lot of crossover with business.


By creating and performing music together with your teams, we'll help you take the communication skills of a successful string quartet or a sell-out rock band and transfer them to your teams.


Leadership Growth


You're under the pressure of expectation to perform.


The spotlight is on you to empower a large group of exceptionally talented, emotional individuals. You have to lead them in working together as a single, multi-disciplinary, high performing team. Right here. Right now.


How would you do it?


For an orchestral conductor, this is a daily task. We'll show you and your leaders how conductors lead musicians to play at their very highest capability under pressure. By taking musical leadership as a model for business leadership, and creating role-play scenarios where you are expected to lead and inspire a high performing team, we'll explore with you how to you can get the highest standards of performance from your teams, and exceed the expectations of your clients.


Team Development


Teamwork is essential to business success.


Without collaboration in music, you get a cacophony. Without co-operation in business, you get chaos. We know that teamwork doesn't always come naturally or easily, but we have fun, motivational, rewarding and memorable solutions that will build relationships in your teams.


We'll help your teams achieve the impossible together.


Keeping your specific business objectives in mind, we'll get even the least musical of your people writing and performing music with their colleagues. We offer bespoke musical experiences that will stretch your teams and help them learn the vital skills of working effectively together.


Emotional Awareness


The nuance is as important as the note.


Without emotion, music is flat and dull. Many successful organizations have realized that without emotional intelligence, their business is weaker. Strengthening the emotional quotient in your people will help them to lead co-operative and collaborative teams.


Music opens up emotions in a non-threatening and accessible way.


Taking your business objectives, we'll connect to the heart of the issues you and your people face. Using music we'll facilitate how emotional intelligence can help to move your organization forward.


“Original Song Writing” Conference Package


Time: 90 minutes output is an original song composed and written by the client and Moving Performance, to capture the essence of the client’s commercial objectives and conference themes. Based on one of the attached topics, an interactive and inspirational leadership keynote is designed to address the key themes and to empower participants to step up and go for it.  From these themes, an original song is created.  The original song is rehearsed and performed by the whole conference alongside a professional band. This is recorded and a final mixed version is sent back to the client for internal use following the event. 

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