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Benji Backer

Benji Backer is President and Founder of the American Conservation Coalition and a recent graduate of the University of Washington. He serves on the Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum's Leadership Council and is a fellow at the Chapman Center in Seattle. He previously served as the co-chair for Young Americans for Mitt Romney in Wisconsin.


He has been awarded the Grist 50, Forbes 30 Under 30, RedAlert 30 Under 30, and GreenBiz 30 Under 30. He has contributed to publications such as CNBC, The Hill, Fox News, The Washington Examiner, and The Independent. Benji has also spoken at events across the country, including at CPAC three times. Through ACC, Benji is excited to be helping unite Americans on pro-environmental reforms and change the narrative when it comes to the environment.


Benji grew up in Wisconsin and is an avid Wisconsin sports fan, as well as hiker and skier.

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