Bobby Albert

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Three-time author Bobby Albert is a leadership coach and speaker who is passionate about building engaged teams. If you’re a leader, Bobby knows what it’s like to bang your head against your desk – frustrated because your people don’t seem to care about you, the company, or the quality of their work! Decades behind the CEO desk taught him a few things about leadership – and the pitfalls that we can easily fall into. Bobby knows what it’s like to try to get your people to buy into your vision and direction and sensing that they don’t even care. It seems like they don’t listen to what you’re saying. It’s frustrating to see people ignore your instructions and guidance – doing their own thing while derailing the team and the organization. Working harder is not the answer. After years of refining his own approach to leadership, Bobby brings a message of hope. He will show you how to transform your disinterested employees into a highly engaged team that delivers the results you only dream about.

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