Brandon Guyer

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Many ‘games’ on the field or in the boardroom are already won before either team steps on the field. The competition starts with who has best prepared their mind and body.


Brandon Guyer’s obsession with the competition before the competition is what gave him the edge to set MLB records play 13 years of professional baseball, seven of them in the big leagues, and play his best when it mattered most in the 2016 World Series.


Today that obsession has led Brandon to become a Mental Strength Coach and in 2020 after retiring from Major League Baseball, he founded his company Major League Mindset. 


His sole mission is to empower high achievers from all facets of life with a mindset that enables them to consistently show up as the best version of themselves so that they can close the gap between who they’re capable of being and who they’re being moment to moment to moment.


Brandon’s clients range from Major League Baseball players, where he is the Head Mental Strength Coach for the Los Angeles Angels, to top athletes in all sports, as well as top colleges and corporations around the world.


Background of Brandon’s playing career:


Brandon played for the University of Virginia, where he is now recognized as a Hall of Fame baseball player. He was drafted in his junior year (2007) by the Chicago Cubs. He went on to win their Minor League Player of the Year award in 2010. In 2011 he was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays.


Brandon made his MLB debut at Camden Yards with a 2-run homer in his first at-bat, becoming the first Ray and 108th player in MLB history to do so. He spent the next five years playing for the Rays, before being traded to the Cleveland Indians in 2016.


In his three seasons with Cleveland, the Indians were AL Central Champions in 2016, 2017, and 2018. They were AL Champions in 2016, losing in game 7 of the World Series to the Chicago Cubs.


In his big league career, Brandon made a name for himself as a lefty masher, slashing a career of .274/.376/.449. He also retired as MLB’s “Hit by Pitch King”, the leader in HBP per plate appearances in MLB history. 

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