Brent Gleeson is a former member of Seal Team 5 which included tours to Iraq and Africa. He would be honorably discharged in 2004 and set his sights on the business world while earning an MBA at the University of San Diego. Gleeson went on to Co-found Internet Marketing Inc., and expand his reach in multiple industries. He had successful appearances on multiple reality TV shows, including “One Man Army” and most notably “Stars Earn Stripes”. Brent is currently the Founder/CEO of TakingPoint Leadership, a consulting firm that focuses on building leadership, culture, and engagement in the workplace. Gleeson leads workshops, keynote speeches, and team-building exercises. He is the author of the #1 Bestselling book, TakingPoint: A Navy SEAL’s 10 Fail Safe Principles for Leading Through Change, as well as his newest book, Embrace the Suck: The Navy SEAL Way to an Extraordinary Life. His innovative methods for assembling businesses have been recognized with awards in Entrepreneur Magazine and at the Brand Diego awards. You can learn more about Brent’s leadership methods through his weekly columns on and

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